Divis Mountain Rebro

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Spent a good few months babysitting the rebro and talkthrough site in 78/79, was a cushy little number as you and your fellow 39 Bde oppo could organise the manning to suit, either week on/week off or fortnight on/fortnight off or whatever else you wanted to arrange. Time off usually spent back home on the lash. Was a 24hr sleeping shift, most of the work happened between midnight and about 9am, apart from topping up batteries and changing the occasional antenna it was just a case of watching telly, gonking, eating and then some more gonk interspersed with trips into the relay shack to make sure the lads in there knew what they were doing coz after 6 years at 22 and Task Force Charles you could tune a C50/R222 in yer sleep.

Any other Divis Mountain Hillbillies out there??
Never did the Divis site but did Bombilla hill rebro in the falklands (1983) and that was similar - pretty well self contained with the odd yomp down to Douglas Settlement - fond memories - sure beats the hell outta driving a desk which is what I do now!!
Did pay the odd visit to Divis Rebro - but not to stag on - did bring the ********** up there on an odd occassion or two and also seem to recall going up there and ripping a lot of it down when it was either refitted or rebuilt but cant remeber exactly why - main memory is being given a hacksaw and told to cut thru a gantry of cables - unfortunately there was a live cable in the middle which caused quite a lot of sparks - this would have been some time around 79 give or take due to memory loss thru alcohol.
wasnt there a range up there as well with live targets - well sheep which wandered across occasionally ?????????

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nearly forgot - took a *********** up there as well to have a wee listen - or try to any way - and ****** from belfast - cracking reception of taxis and not a lot else

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Was up there recently, and it's still the bloody spooky place in the middle of the night. Wind blowing, and things creaking.

So much for being a rough tough soldier, eh? :D
Ooh! C50... forgot all about them.

The joys of getting tx synth tuned to FSD and then watching it leap out of tune as you did the other rx synth...

And listening to the stories of, "This lad who got an RF burn which led to his arm being amputated..." but no one knew who he was or where or when it happened...
How about the other C50 trick of using High Power (which was supposedly meant for Operational use only) by unscrewing the indicator bulb and turning the High/Medium switch 180 degrees :oops:
The RF burn story probably came from the old D11 days, you could just about feel the radiation when you got near them buggers.
Heard of someone getting a RF burn from a C50 while trying to unplug the dummy load, only low power but he reckoned the marrow in his thumb got a bit warm :wink:

C50, the set that gave birth to the term 'Otherenditis'
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