Diving through the back door.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Chuckles, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Chaps,

    Quick straw poll. TA subbie, 6 month TELIC in a sensible i.e. Platoon Comd role with a regular unit, subsequently allowed to transfer straight in without doing CC. On, or not on?


  2. My knee jerk reaction is "NO" but he holds a Queen's Commission and has demonstrated competence in an Operational Environment - notably not by doing watchkeeper but a role testing leadership and courage. I assume that the CO endorsed his application having satisfied himself that he's a good bloke.

    I wouldn't like the 'backdoor' to be wide open but like I said, if he's a good bloke...

    [Would be interested to hear what a RMAS instructor had to say]
  3. Been done before. TA subbie served with me on OP TELIC, top quality guy, by-passed RMAS, but had to do Young Officers course. Subsequently taken into a regular Regiment as a 2nd Lt.

    The downside was he lost all his seniority and was at the bottom of the pile.
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    msr LE


  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    On. He has shown the ability to do the job, but bypassed the opportunity to show boots polished, kit pressed, bed made etc. Which is more important?
  6. on. However might this not cause problems in the future? as surely it isn't just the drill and polish thats he's missed at Sandhurst and could it not affect possible promotion prospects.
  7. Cr@p-I saw the title and thought the thread was about dodgy bumshovelling-oh well...
  8. ON
    And if it is the same chap that I am thinking of he had also passed regular PCD and was one of the top in his class.
    Still RMAS might have adjusted his character
  9. No problem, as they used to say of Neil Back "if you're good enough, you're big enough"...
  10. After all that's all they teach at RMAS :roll:
  11. At RMAS, stand fast military knowledge, they don't teach stuff, they "develop" it. This character has probably been developing his OLQs in a rather more testing environment..."experience is a hard mistress, she gives the examination first and then the lesson"...
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Simplified example, but the point was understood by all.

    He has obviously demonstrated his leadership ability, man management skills, judgement, tactical awareness etc etc when in role as a Pl Comd in order for his CofC to recommend him for conversion to an SSC bypassing RMAS. He will have missed some of the other experiences and lessons of RMAS, but how many of those (over and above the key ones listed above) will he need to use as a Pl Comd and not be able to obtain from his OC or other suitable mentor?
  13. You are absolutely right, RMAS only prepares you for your first appointment, if you've already done that and shown potential for the future then there is little that RMAS can give you an advantage in. It is right that the system can be flexible... it makes a change, doesn't it? It does highlight the issue of the amount of drill at RMAS which is just for the Sovereign's Parade because it has sod all to do with 95% of first appointments!
  14. Yeah - this thread is nothing like as rude as I was expecting it to be. Indeed, your "dodgy bumshovelling" only just rescues it from oblivion.
  15. if i had to do it then he should do it as well. it is a fundamental part of being an officer and i'm sure he would get some benefit from it- if he is any good then he should want to go there! NOT ON.