Diving the Red Sea - Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Mercia, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. In Egypt later this year and plan to make a dive trip either to Hurghada or Sharm. Which do divers prefer and any recommendations? My preference is for corals/fish rather than wrecks. Apologies if this has appeared somewhere on this forum before.
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    A lot depends on your experience levels but if you can I'd go for a Southern liveaboard - Marsa Alam is pretty much the destination of choice these days. Failing that I'd personally go for Sharm. Within day boat range you have both the Straits of Tiran & Ras Mohammed. Regardless of whether you like wrecks or not, the Thistlegorm is also still a must do dive.
  3. I agree with Bad CO, I took a trip to Sharm Last year and it caters for all levels of experience. Get out of the sharm area though, the boat crews like to stay close so they can finish earlier, memorable dive sites were, Shark/Yolanda reef, jackfish alley, Jackson reef (include the outside which again the boat crew might not be most helpful with), and def the Thistlegorm if you are experienced enough!
  4. Thanks chaps. Sharm it is!
  5. Worked in Hurghada for 2 months last year and I can definately say that it is dived out, the reefs are wrecked and there is no dive site without at least 5 boats moored up! I understand that Sharm is not much better, head South for the best diving, as close to Sudan as you dare get!
  6. Some of the liveaboards will take you down near Sudan, depends if you want to live on them for a week or so, I'd rather be in Sharm ... are you hard-core diver or on leave ?!

    Just as Bad CO says.
  7. Thanks again for the info. I'm a civvi on leave. A long-time diver, but not hard-core - a gentle paddle followed by some good night life usually does the trick for me. I enjoy the balance.
  8. If it's apres dive you want then Sharm it is. Try the camel bar roof for a good night out.
    A good compromise is to do half the holiday liveaboard & half from Sharm. The Intercontinental is nice but needs a taxi to Naama bay.
    The other benefit of Sharm is the airport is so close with 15mins transfer times.
    Ditto about Thistlegorm & the Giannis D & marcus are worth a visit too.
    If you can afford Sudan/Deep south liveaboard then go there as the pelagic life is better.

  9. Thanks Corn.
  10. Im living / working out here. Taba isnt too bad and the 5 star accomodation is cheap. One of the lesser know diving spots is a small town called Dahab between Sharm and Taba - Check out this web site for www.poseidondivers.com they are a pretty professional set up. Dahab has excellent night life and food / drink is half the price of Sharm. Hope that helps
  11. risingtrout, you lucky barsteward. i am truly jealous.

    took my missus to Taba Heights to propose (just before they bombed the Taba Hilton :(). stayed in the 5* Hyatt Regency - truly amazing hotel, and very reasonably priced.

    we had never dived before, but the coral and fish up there were absolutely incredible. i know that the hardcore diving is much further down the red sea, and i'm sure it's all a bit pussy up the top near israel. but we loved it - snorkelling as much as possible (including on the reef right behind the hotel) and did a try dive down to 6m too (don't laugh, we all had to start somewhere ;)).

    i don't know what the potential is for more advanced diving up there - sure risingtrout can help you out. but if your bag is coral and fish rather than deep sea wrecks, you might want to add it to your list of possibles. the visibility was amazing - crystal clear water, you could see a good long way across the reefs. got some cracking underwater photos, which are on my wall to this day. including one of my suicidal missus chasing lion fish 8O .

    they did a fantastic day trip up to a place called Farun Island too - an old Saladin castle from the twelfth century. the coral and fish there were stunning - we signed up straight away to back again the next day, and did the try dive.

    if you want any more details, let me know. i would advise:

    * stay at the Hyatt, seemed the nicest of the 5 hotels in the area.
    * avoid the radisson, it's all inclusive and there were some right chavs staying there. not everyone, but some...
    * check when the israeli public holidays are, and avoid them. the israelis totally took over the place (not for the first time ;)) and were the most rude, obnoxious, arrogant, inconsiderate people i have ever had the misfortune to run into on holiday. avoid them like the plague, IMHO.

    the staff at the Hyatt were truly wonderful. friendly, courteous, nothing is too much trouble. it was like a week in paradise, best holiday i have ever had by a million miles.
  12. CR totally concur with your comments and the airport is only 25mins from Taba. They have just opened up a brand new Movenpick Hotel next to the Hyatt and its outstanding. You can also if you want get the ferry from Nuwayba to Jordan to see the sights of Petra. I would personally stay well clear of Sharm its expensive and full of the Russian mafia.
  13. so what are you doing out there then, you lucky sod?
  14. Working for the mfo a peacekeeping org in the Sinai, as a civvy may i hasten to add check out their web site www.mfo.org
  15. Sharm el Sheikh is ok if you can speak Russian, amazing bloody views above water too, russsian models everywhere, but I haven't a clue about the diving