Diving suits

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by taffplod, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone out there help , i'm trying to buy some ex mil diving suits but cant seem to find any, this isn't a rubber thing ( not yet anyway) my company I work for do bridge and culvert inspections and these suits will be ideal instead of the ferking poxxy civvy shit I use now which has more repairs and patches than the original suit.
  2. Just a quick thought, I would imagine there are likely to be H&S issues with using second-hand kit in your work.

    If you let me know what quantity and prices you were thinking of I can ask our dive storeman what your chances are.

    Robin Hood Watersports are usually one of the cheapest dive shops around, you can try http://www.roho.co.uk/dive/dive_suit_offers.html as a starting point for diving drysuits.

    Good luck.
  3. Actually cordura suits are provided by a civvy company for the army too... so the military vs Civvy thing is a non starter really.
  4. I remember seeing a DPM drysuit once - couldn't help thinking that anyone wearing one of those to work would be a rather tough character!
  5. Bring out the Gimp!
  6. I posted the link as one place to look for cheap drysuits, assuming that the poster couldn't get hold of any ex-issue stock. I never said anything about a "military vs civvy thing".
  7. R. Navy use neoprene so do i expcet the Army and have done for some years, because of their supreme quality, so do the Civi Commercial divers.

    Poxy civi suits LOL.

    what suit ar you using that needs patches all the time, it can not be neoprene. Are you a Scooby dooby doo diver ?
  8. Nothing I have ever seen supports the conclusion that an Ex Mil dive suit would be better for any job than a decent civvy one.

    If the kit supplied by your employer is shagged, get them to replace it.
  9. Beware of anyone offering ex-military diving suits.

    Mod Plod look for this type of kit specifically because it has never been officially disposed of and therefore is always a knock off.

    The prosecutions in Sussex failed a few years ago through poor evidence but the Mod Plad will keep trying.
  10. DPM dry bags are more commonly used by Boat Op Jedi's, and are a good bit of kit(suprising I know for army kit), but most of the jobs I've been on they have done me proud.

  11. I had one..sold it on EBay for £100