Diving in the Sappers

I am awaiting my basic and have my field already chosen though have grown a taste diving, since being at RSC learned of the carrier as a diver.
I am aware that you are able to change your choice at week 6, so if the opition is there possibly I will take it.
I am unable to find any information on Diver through out the army website. I have qualified for the jobs with Engineers so no worries on that issue as you have to be a glue sniffer to score low on the BARB test.

Thanks for the information fellas.

Cheers 2CB
righty-o, surprised no-one else has replied to this yet. Army Diver is a specialist qualification that can be done regardless of trade. Simply join as an RE, do your class 3 combat engineer, class 2 trade training and once you're in a field unit apply for the assessment (week long). Just had a mate finish his assessment (and pass) about a month and a half ago so if you need any more detailed info pm me. be advised though that you must be very fit to do the course. You'll get more info on it once you're in training, if you have any DS that are diver qualified ask them about it.

good luck with basic! are you joining the corps then?
would not like to pass comment on that front i think you may have to wait until you pass out & reach your unit then ask about transfering corps' but like i said don't quote me.
sure someone else may have a better idea though.
you had enough of the corps already OR do you want to join the corps?
I actually haven't started basic yet, 23rd Jan. I was originally goin Royal sigs as a Rad Op but ive seriously been reconsidering and feel its too late to change now, i dont want my basic date moved back. Having found this forum and read about things it is sounded like a very unfufilling job and i would like something with alot of variety and a chance to specialize as i enjoy fitness. Its annoying me, im only 17 and i dont want to make a big mistake now and regret it later.

Plus i just saw a job, Engineer Command Communication Information which sounds good.
the corps is good, must be i've stuck it for 20 years so far, you really need to make the decision sooner rather than later.
the fitness side can be sorted once you are in a unit by going on a "gym queen " course.
keep reading the forum there is a wealth of trades & experience here, the majority will all recommend that you join the corps but which route you go down is upto you my friend.
hope it all works out for you.

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