Divine Retribution

there is a guy who lives about five houses down from me who is the epitome of bad taste.. A Trucker who lives up to the stereotype image.. loud, obnoxious, rude and who can't string a sentence together without the aid of expletives.. He's about 250 lbs and most of it is out front for all to see - evidence of an indolent lifestyle and unlimited beer rations - He is barely tolerated on the street as he is brutish and opinionated...

the other day I was in a local McDonald's with the grandkids and was served by a precious and prissy mincing nancy boy of an effeminite. a true queen of the realm and all that is embarrasing to most of the queer persuasion when pushing their equality agenda - the type they even want to keep in the closet as those give the ' wrong ' impression in society. Felt sad for the lad he certainly was efficient and polite and impeccable in his fastfood uniform [ first time I've ever seen knife pleats for slinging burgers and fries ] but he obviously was the flashpoint for consternation among certain moms at the counter and the object of derisive snickers from the majority of males above puberty in the crowd. Kudos to the kid for taking it all in stride.. but, boy.. I was just waiting for him to break into a song and dance number in imitation of Judy Garland when bringing my order.

Well, you can see where this is going.. I arrive home later and lo and behold, a car drives up and the very same lad from the quick service emporium, still in crisp and clean uniform after a shift dispensing fries and cokes, hops out and heads up the drive to the house of the aforementioned wannabee macho alpha male...

first time I'd ever seen them together at the same address - turns out the preening escapee from A Chorus Line is said Trucker's son and heir - sort of fruit of his loins as it were..

'splains a lot....

further proof that there is a God..
:D I see where you're coming from, but as far as I'm concerned, as long as my son's healthy and happy, he can be as queer as Kylie's make up artist and I'll be proud of him, so perhaps your stinky trucker type is proud of his son.

I doubt it though! :roll:

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