Divine courage below the ground (The RE Tunnel Moles)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by pandaplodder, Mar 30, 2009.

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  2. Evidently a worthwhile read - mine has £14.95 on the back!
  3. Sebastian Faulkes on writing Birdsong appears to have used diary extracts from past tunelling Company officers diaries held at the RE museum and Library. I certainly wouldnt pay £155 odd pounds for the book. For those that are interested in the Tunelling war:

    Beneath Flanders Fieds by Barton Vandewalle and Doyle
    The War undergound by Alexander Barrie
    Tunellers by Grieve and Newman

    Tghe above books are fairly easy to come by and are very interesting. These next books are quite rare and well worth a read if you can get hold of them:

    The life of a Tunelling Company by Capt Graham (1927)
    The New Zealand Tunelling Company by JC Neill (1922)

    The following official publications can be browsed at thr RE Library and Museum at Chatham:

    The work of the Royal Engineers in the European War 1914 -19 - Military Mining, Chatham 1922

    The work of the miner on the Western Front 1915 - 1918 by Standish Ball (he was the late Assistant Inspector of Mines, GHQ, France)

    I am currently doing an in depth study of 177 Tunelling Coy with the aim of writing a book on the Company. I advise anyone with an interest in Military minig to go to the RE museum and Library, an excellent resource.


  4. My bold, is this true? Im sure there was a few more than one Sapper VC in the First World War. Or does it mean he was the only Sapper to win a VC tunnelling?
  5. 16 (if you include Lanoe Hawker)...must be the only tunnelling VC?
  6. Spr William Hackett is the only Tunelling VC in WW1 (and I think ever).

  7. Did the RE invent tunnels?