Diversity training.... *shudders* (p.s. I ramble a bit)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by McChanClan, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Was just wondering if I make it through the selection process & wind up in Sandhurst this September... will I be subjected to any mind numbingly idiotic "Equality & Diversity" training at all?

    I'm prepared for the worst but hoping the answer will be either minimal or even no.

    The reason this sprang to mind is because that is what I'm doing right this second whilst I'm waiting for something else to do sat on my arrse in a police station, somewhere in the Met.

    To elaborate, after having already gone through some seriously inane "diversity" training at Hendon where I had a wonderful opportunity to meet people of various skin colours, religions &/or sexual preference & ask them about their trials & tribulations, I am already suffering from Diversity-Fatigue. Heck, I even got to meet an actual Chinese person donchyaknow! Clearly I desperately needed that (*hint* my username).

    Anyhow, I'm in mortal fear of doing yet more of this kind of "training" as I am currently slogging my way through a point-&-click-slide-show-fest of the latest of the Met's perpetual diversity training package & I am ready to put my head through the computer screen!

    Apparently putting equipment on high shelves could be construed as sexual discrimination as many women may not be able to reach said equipment...

    *foaming at the mouth, going into seizure*
  2. It could be worse. I know a nurse who was sent on a diversity course that involved dressing up as a nun and singing songs from the Sound of Music.

    It was all different in my day. The nearest I got to diversity training was a course called 'Prosecution of Unnatural Offences'.
  3. Being plod and with your obvious experience in the E&D areas (i.e be nice to each other, don't call women split@rses etc etc) you are obviously far better qualified than any soldier which makes you a natural candidate for the Regimental E&D officer if you get through the system. Just imagine, having to give endless lectures to rivetted classrooms and having to endure chats with fat lesbians when they're crying about not being selected on the latest promotion board.

    Enjoy! :D
  4. that would be poetic haha
  5. I see they concentrate on E&D rather than English. Please don't tell us you have to give evidence in court :D
  6. my bold

    Please dear sweet baby jesus, tell me thats a Wah?
    no, really?
  7. No I kid you not. Have just about come to terms with what a Wah is & this is gen. If you happen to know anyone that is in Met plod you can ask them to go on the wonderous "E-learning" system on our intranet & look up the Gender Awareness (or something like that) module of the latest E&D package. It was example one of three in the what counts as gender discrimination bit.

    2 hours after leaving work I'm ready to sleep in a Home Office approved non offensive manner...

    P.s. @ Hairyhandbag. What was wrong with the English in the post? Aside from long sentences & perhaps over use of commas? Hmm? :shakefist:
  8. There is a small amount of E&D training at Sandhurst (I recall one very dull central lecture and a platoon discussion).

    There are equally small amounts of E&D training at RD - we had a presentation on it on our G1 study day recently, I'm sure there's a bit on it in MATT 6 etc, but it hardly dominates.

    Health and Safety, now THAT's a different matter...
  9. Just ask HRH Prince Harold, he'll get you up to speed. :roll:
  10. My bold, really? Lovely, thats what I was hoping to hear!

  11. Now i know this phrase gets banded a bout a little too often on this site but does anyone smell journalistic interest here?

    (If ever that was a phrase)
  12. I was just about to say the same, my journo-meter is going off the scale.

    If you're not McChanClan then I apologise, but with the heightened media attention in the case I'm sure you could understand the caution.
  13. @ the last 2. Yes, what with the million & one threads about MOD being difficult with general interweb things & ARRSE actually being quoted in news I can see where you're coming from.

    But no, was tired, night shift, had a wee rant & also wanted to know if I'd have the same crap to sit through if I get in.
  14. There is I'm afraid.
    One session is given by a outside speaker who is massively behind the times when it comes to the Army's current issues.
    Another is from a senior officer who is, quite rightly, much better informed, but unfortunately follows the previous session by some weeks, by which time OCdts have got off the outrage bus and have forgotten most of the points made.
  15. Forgotten, I thoughts lectures on such current topics were drowned out by the snores in the Churchill Hall. :D