Discussion in 'Sappers' started by baz2918, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone got any info ref divers reunion this year .
  2. We dive at five .....No Muff to ......
  3. Check pm's baz.
  4. Cheers shug . Will try that but last i heard he had just been promoted away.
  5. Any more info anyone ?
  6. Baz....you've missed it. Check pm's for more details.
  7. Cheers Shug thats a shame , :cry:
    Thanks for your help . Look forward to info on that web site .
  8. Baz....check your pm's mate.
  9. :D
    sorted cheers.......one pull..
  10. :( nooo stop it!! no diver slang - it's shameful

    it takes me more than one pull .. use viagra!!
  11. Readers of this thread might be interested in the book 'five bells' advertised on P512 of the corps mag.