Discussion in 'RLC' started by masher69, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. is it just 17 port reg who have divers? or other rlc regiments? just curious
  2. I've never heard of divers being in the RLC.

    If there are 17 Sport and Pastime would probably be the only place they are employed as there are no other Regiments that perform the same role.

    I hope we do have divers in the RLC. It'll really pi$$ some of the wedge off.
  3. just saw on the army website that the dive training unit, trains divers for the RE and 17 port rlc
  4. 17 Port has its own divers. They are trained the same as the wedge's.
  5. Awesome you have just made my day.

    Please tell me they get that lovely divers badge and the spec pay.
  6. Oh, Yeeeess.

    Have you any of the wedges on speed dial dingger?
  7. Dont Bite.......... ok sod it
    not quite trained the same ,at least in my day
  8. A RESA. But he's a top bloke. Its only when they are acting Knobs and on the ego/chip on the shoulder/holier than though/only Corps in existence trip that I like to have a go.

    Lets just call that little gem ammunition to go.
  9. Don't worry. I'm sure your training will improve to bring you to current RLC standards. :D
  10. :wink: why thank you kind sir,something to aspire to
  11. Yes and yes!!!