Dive in!

Shouldn't have used this man as their graphic designer

There's at least one member of this forum who would like to take advantage of the "dive in" slogan especially when it is directed at a child.


Burn him, burn him.
There used to be a prog on RTL I seem to remember ( Austrian/Kraut tv channel) called The Mini Playback Show, where they got kids to impersonate stars like Elvis. When it came down to things like Madonna, with all the moves, it got rather disturbing, and that sort of thing happened quite often. Before you ask, I'm talking Slovakia circa 1993 and there really wasn't much on TV so me and a few mates would switch on, swaff a few beers and discuss how odd other people's TV diet was. Question was, as someone said already, how the fuck did it get past anyone with a little nous? My daughter is nine going ten and I have to waste booze time undoing the scary messages that get fed to kids that age. Where is it all going?
Jonathon Ross mentioned on his radio show about a year ago, that his daughter had Dora the Explorer knickers. They bore the legend "Let's Explore". He wasn't amused.
They're sorry that 4 year olds might end up wearing ' Dive in ' panties...but the kiddies undies line is okay for 9- 12 year olds to slop about in with " Dive In" stuck to the botties?? I'm relieved , then...

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