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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wedgy, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. I'm off to Egypt again next week for some diving and have been tempted for a while to get myself a dive computer.

    I did have my eye on the cheaper Suunto Gekko for about £150 but someone has recomended the more expensive Vyper which comes in, with the pc interface at about £260.

    Has anyone had any experience of these and are they really as good as they're cracked up to be?

    Also is it worth spending the extra for the pc interface?
  2. Cheers but any info on these two would be great
  3. I'm a Suunto man through and through, and have got two, and old Favor and and a Stinger. Mrs Pitster has a Mosquito. The after sales service has always been very good as we've always had the batteries replaced by them.

    I've done a bit of deco diving with my Stinger and it's been great, never had a problem.

    Are there many recreational divers on Arrse? And anyone who wants a buddy?
  4. Sorry, Wedgy, I'm not trying to hi-jack your post, but I'm interested in getting into diving - any advice on how to best go about it?
  5. Mate, i dive with a stinger, with a gekko as spare, both are very good. Sharm is the place to learn, Ocean college. I swear by them
  6. The best place to start is by doing your PADI Open Water it'll only take you a few days, personally I'd do it on holiday somewhere warm!!

    I went with these people as you learn in the bay rather than in a pool I can't recommend them enough Red Sea College

    Pitster do you use the pc interface at all, is it worth the extra?
  7. Got a Suunto D9 myself, absolutely brilliant. You can change the algorithm so it doesn't totally restrict you on repeat profiles. The air contents transmitter is the dogs as well (still have a real gauge as well), plus an inbuilt compass... The only bit that hurts is the price not much change from £1000!
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    As a dive instructor I only ever recommend Suunto's to older/fatter/unfit divers due to the restrictions in the Haldane/RGBM model they use. Buhlman based models are much more flexible (such as Uwatec and others). I currently recommend Uwatec Prime and other equivalent but different branded models.
  9. No, I don't have the PC interface, but being a bit geeky I would quite like it! I don't really know how much use it would be except for putting a pretty graph in my log book.

    Why not buy a computer now, go on hols and then decide if you wish you'd got the interface and then buy that later?
  10. Essentially there are four differences between the Gekko and the Vyper.

    1. Backlight - the Vyper has a electro-luminescent display (rather like a digital watch) where as the Gekko has a Phosphorescent display (more like an anologue watch). The Electro-lumin display is useful if diving the murky waters of Northern Europe etc.

    2. Simulation - The Vyper has a simulation mode whilst the Gekko doesn't. This allows you to get acquainted with the functions of the computer and also allows you to plan no-decompression limits and surface intervals in some depth.

    3. Gauge mode - The Vyper can be put into gauge mode whilst the Gekko cannot. This is not really an issue on beginning diving however having the ability to use gauge mode does 'future proof' your choice to a certain extent.

    4. PC Interface - The Vyper has full PC download features where as the Gekko only has limited PC features which can only be accessed by a dealer (and chambers in the event of DCI). To be honest the PC features are a little bit of a gimmic but can act as a full blown log book of that is your wish. It allows you to see your profile in graphic detail and you can enter many details if you wish to allow you to 'remember the dive'.
  11. I originally started with a Mares Surveyor Nitrox ( had both air and Notrox funxtions ) which was a nice wrist worn computer, but nowadays is a little dated.

    Then I moved onto a Suunto Stinger. Found this to be an excellent computer. Never had the PC data link, but for functionality, form and downright accuracy, was a great computer and couldn't reccommend it highly enough. From memory, it's more expensive than the vyper, but if you can afford it, it's worth it in my opinion

    Sadly, the onset of parent-hood and going back to a job with a long commute meant that I eventually went two years without even a dive whilst on holiday. Shortly after I realised that things wouldnt improve for a while I sold all my gear...

    For interests sake, the Stinger sold on Ebay for only £50 less than I bought it for... After two years ( was in excellent condition though... ). Their reputation really helps them hold value.

    Sometimes I really miss the whole experience of just floating on my back looking up at the surface through a shoal of fish... :(

  12. Would agree to a point but both the D9 and Vytec DS you can change the algorithm and get pretty much the same profiles...
  13. You can pay commercially to undertake the course. As others have suggested the Red Sea is an ideal place if you want to combine a holiday and learning to dive. It's very cheap and good weather conditions so best of both worlds. As DOnkeyWallop suggested Ocean College run a good set up and also have a tame ex-Army instructor there who will run BSAC courses too.

    Alternatively you could take the BSAC route and either join a local club, local military club or take a course JSSADC which will cost you nothing.

    Have a look at these links for further info:

    ASADA - Army Sub Aqua Diving Assoc

    JSSADC - Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre

    Hope that helps
  14. I've got a Mosquito and Mr Clownfish has a Stinger, both are very good. I like my mosquito coz it is simple to use and can be worn as a watch as well so you don't need to carry it in your hand luggage. My first computer was one of the old Suunto (like Suunto) octopus which was bright yellow and defo couldn't be worn as a watch.