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Dive clubs in London

Does anybody know of any military-affiliated/ ex-services (i.e. heavily discounted) diving clubs in the london area? There used to be the Londinium Military Diving Club working from Chelsea Barracks, but I think this has died the death... I've heard of a dive club in Minley, but this is a bit out of the way. Any news, advice or info would go down a treat. Ta.


On that note, can anyone recommend a dive club on the South Coast that welcomes civvies but has very high and strict safety standards, I've been somewhat unnerved by some of the stuff I've seen, basic mistakes that could have horrendous consequences.


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Speak direct to BSAC HQ and they will give you the current contact details for 'Londonium Dive Club as I do not have them to hand. Failing that you could try whom I can heartily recommend as an excellent club.

All the best

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