Div flashes - To buy or not to buy?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by FrankMac, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Quick scenario -

    Deploying on ops as part of another div, told we'll have to pay for div flashes that are to be worn on uniform. Sounds wrong and i haven't exhausted all avenues of enquiry yet. No outrage, no point getting excited, just want some sensible views. I understand they are only approx £1.50 each, and due to the velcro panels on MTP we'll only need one each. As per usual though, it's the principle.
  2. Have you spoken to your CoC?

    If you are bothered by it simply dont do it. If they issue you a flash, put it on, if not, dont.
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  3. Yeah, that was my attitude tbh. If you want me to wear it, issue it.
  4. I recall a letter in Soldier mag a bit back, where a similar question had been asked. The reply from Brig Griffiths, the then DS Pers (I think) and now Dir of Infantry, was along the lines of people should not have to fork out for their own uniform, or parts thereof. See if you can dig it out and wave it around.
  5. It all depends on how enthusiastic you are about a career and promotion - your call really!

    I dread to think how much I spent on tracksuits, stable belts, cravats, div/corps/formation flashes, 3 mess kits, miniature medals, Service Dress & attachments over 39 years and 286 days!
  6. Div Flashes, Shorten the war by at least 6 months, ffs!
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  7. Wearing of unissued kit? I wouldn't do it if I were you! Amazing how the rules always change. Get those non issued boots off, where is your regimental t-shirt that you have to buy?
  8. Buy it, wear it, put it on eBay as "SAS/Para/Marines" easily the money back plus some beer tokens
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  9. Alternatively just shell out £1.50 and get a life.
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  10. Or alternatively grow some bollocks and don't buy one.
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  11. Draw your own on some cardboard, and stick some velcro on the back of it. Job done.
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  12. Buy your own kit? Bergans, boots, Norgie shirts, Ok fine. But Div flashes from another Div that you are only attached to and will have no further use off - I should coco!!
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  13. I say just get a grip ffs. It's £1.50 or £3 for two. I bet you are not a man of principal when it comes to doing something personal on the Army's time.

    I assume that you will only be using issued kit for the entire tour? No personal bought kit at all whatsoever?
    You are a man of principal after all.
  14. For God's sake let's hope this doesn't wake stacker1!
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  15. it's ***** like you who lead to good blokes being out of pocket.

    if the Army want him to wear it then the Army should issue it, i don't care if it's 15p, £1.50 or £15.

    if he has to pay for it and cannot claim for it on JPA then he shouldn't be buying it.

    get a spine.
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