Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sgt_Henno_Garvie, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Holy cripes!!! Ive got my DITS course in 3 weeks an i want to do a subject that no one else will possibly think of. The norm wil probably be fire control orders and section battle drills so i thought i could do my lesson on 'How to make a detail model of the ground'. Is this a wise choice? Are there better lessons to give or does anyone have any input for my lesson?

    All comments are much appreciated
  2. why not look around the naafi forum, I'm sure some humorous ideas could be found there? Maybe stay away from the new Mr Men book thread though
  3. Wine tasteing(?) is a good one
  4. sanitation in the field......shovel ...bog roll.....drop one..
  5. How to tie a tie............Or wrap a present, change a nappy, change a fuse, make a cup of tea.

    Remember KISS.
  6. After a 'few' BIT and DIT courses the top five lessons to date in no particular order:

    Skills Lesson - CQMS Basket ball (Screwing up A4 paper and lobbing it in the bin!)
    Skills Lesson - Crisp packet folding
    Skills lesson - 5 ways of applying of a Condom
    Theory Lesson - Characteristics and Effects of Cannabis
    Tech Skill Lesson - Construction of a Bong
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Enlighten me...

  8. Int Corp Chick ........... EDIP on a cucumber, funny as f**k when she had the 5 lads in the syndicate placing them on Orally :lol:
  9. msr

    msr LE

    And the other 4?
  10. stick with something NON Military, or tachgraphs or anything boring to55. mine was a skills lesson on how to make a cheese and tomato sarnie, it worked, as long as you apply the principles. but do make it fun, make it different. why not try something like....... how to do the perfect bank robbery. use models and aids etc.

    good luck, where you doing it??
  11. I had loads of these type of lessons planned out but i was informed that they now have to be military related lessons. However if anyone has recently done this course and knows that you can do anything then please let me know
  12. mine was in 2000, they insisted nothing mil, however if mil type of lesson do the rat pack demo with officers rat pack verses squaddie rat pack. its fcuking awsome if done right.
  13. What about the officer/french RAT pack, cheese, wine etc
  14. thats the one, with porn mags, champers, lapdancer and french slut comming out of the box
  15. Whats the NSN for that?