Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JD150, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know when and where the Defence Instructional Techniques (Trainer) course is taking place in 2010-11?

    Do you have to be posted to the strength of an RTC to attend the course?

    What are the pre-requisites (rank, courses, etc?)

    Any help is much appreciated and before msr gets in here the PSI and SPSI don't know. :?
  2. Ring your Coy/Sqn clerk to get in touch with your regional RTC. Have a look on the different Bde RTCs armynet pages for dates and locations.

    Its normally smeared over 2 weekends, the 1st being theory and the 2nd being practical. Its a good opportunity to mingle with other capbadges from your Bde areas and makes you glad to not be in the RLC.

    I don't think there are any pre-requisites for the course in terms of rank or admin but be aware that you will be required to do a bit of homework and lesson preparation. Unbelievably, it is possible to fail your DITs course.

    You'll have to teach a lesson about any subject that can have a military application but realistically you'll end up teaching how to wire a plug as will the other 5 people in your syndicate.

    Take plenty of heroin.
  3. Dahn Sarf they are run a fair few times a year. Not knowing your location I cannot say how much use that remark actually is.
  4. North of the wall we have one in May, that's if it's DTTT you're talking about,if it isn't then I have no idea as yet but am up at the RTC tomorrow and can find out for you.
  5. Bravo Bravo any chance you could tell me the dates Malta is running it.
  6. I don't think its ran at Matla... unless its changed since I did mine its ran at Longmoor by LONDIST. Your Coy/Sqn HQ will book you on and tell you when/where it is.
  7. Dunno if it's the same for you Pongos, but the DIT course we (RAuxAF) have access to has no rank criteria.

    However, as we have to have Cpls and above to instruct it's a bit of a catch 22.
  8. Sounds like RTCs run their own. Malta (RTC SE) certainly run them, weekend one has just been done, I think the next one is in may.

    RTC SE is not in LONDIST, it just trains their blokes...
  9. Gents ref DITTs courses,course is ran at RTC Malta Barracks Aldershot over two weekends don't know where else courses are ran dates are-
    14/5/10 - 4/6/10
    10/9/10 - 24/9/10
    22/10/10 - 5/11/10
    26/11/10 10/12/10
    Rank to attend course from Private upwards.
    Speak to your PSI to put in a bid.
    I thank you.
  10. Sorry think I may have confused you. I mean the DITs Trainer course which then allows you to deliver the DITs qualification to soldiers as an instructor.
  11. Just to try and bring some clarity on this:
    DITs = Defense Intructional Techniques - Run by RTCs for TA and gives you the basic qualification to instruct
    DIT(T) = ie DIT Trainer - Tri Service course run at RAF Halton & Fort Blockhouse and gives you the qualification to teach DITs which you can't actually do unless you are serving at a recognised centre (ie for TA its the RTCs)
    DTTT = Train the Trainer - Run by ASLS at Pirbright and some RTCs and allows you to be involved in Phase 1 training

    So if you want to get DIT(T) you need to be serving at an RTC - the courses are frankly impossible to get on unless its through an RTC
  12. Thanks. It's DIT (T) that i'm after the dates for and which school runs the training?

    Is it possible to apply to the course before taking up your posting to the RTC if you know thats where your heading in say 6 months time...
  13. JD150 - You really need to be part of an RTC to get on a DIT(T) course as they are oversubscribed and you have to prove a requirement to be on it - for Malta Barracks if you have a confirmed posting for a future date (ie passed the interview process) then they can and will get you on the course beorehand, don't know about other RTCs
  14. Thank tiggrsown. Just found the DIN (2010DIN07-004) on Armynet and can't be loaded until actually on the strength of the RTC. SNCOs and above.
  15. Yes he may have been doing DTTT but not DIT(T).