Can anyone confirm that for the SGTS board in 2007 individuals will be required to have passed DITS.

Was told this in a briefing at Regimental level and every one was surprised as they hadn't heard of it.

If it is true can any one give me a link to info.
AMS have to have DITS for sub Cpl. They do it on their JMQC.
Wouldn't be surprised if this were to be correct - check out the RLC Manning & Career Management Division Newsletter No 27 dated Jan 06 ( http://www.army.mod.uk/linked_files/apc/rlc/news.doc ) This states in the Soldier bit that wef 2017 anyone wishing to be considered for promotion to RSM must have served a tour as a Military Skills Instructor (MSI) for which you wll need DITS and as a Corps we have a shortfall of instructors :roll:
You not wrong about the corps having a short fall. had CR the other day and the OC tried to convince me to do the whloe 'MSI' thing. Even implyed that my CR would be better if i done it! but i really dont fancy babysitting for 2 years.

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