Can anyone out there in RLC land confirm and point me in the direction of black and white hard copy the following fact:

ALL RLC Cpl's require DITS to be eligable for the 2007 Sgt's promotion board.

Heard it lots but no one can actually produce hard copy ref to the fact.

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!! 8O
As i am on duty and have fcuk all better to do in the guard room, have just spent the last half hour trying to find it on the RLC MCM div pages, unfortunatly no joy, i do however know it is a definate, just cant remember if it is coming in this year or not. i think it was bought out about the same time as the policy on having to have done a depot tour to be eligable for RSM as of 2017.

Will try and find it in the Training Wing tomorrow and get back to you if i have any joy.


HollowTip said:
If it is fact, what a lot of Bollox, As a CPl section commander you do DITs everyday.

So just go off and do the course you would fly it

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