DITS civvy qualification upgrade

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Green_Homer, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Ladies and germs,

    I did my DITS course (TA) 2 years ago and remember at the time being offered the oppertunity to top up the qualification to a civvy recognised training qual...

    Does anybody know / remember what it was called as I am trying to sell the DITS side of things to my civvy employer

    Thanks in advance
  2. The Defence Train the Trainer course (which is the DITS course with coaching & mentoring bolted on) gets you the Certified to Teach in the Lifelong Sector (CTLLS) qualification.

    I 'think' the DITS course on its own gets you the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector qual (PTLLS) but I could be mistaken as I did the TTT course as I was involved with Phase1/2 training and it seems nowadays that people get loaded onto the full 2 1/2 week course rather than the 5 day course and this seems to be the case even for instructors who aren't involved with Phase 1 or 2 instructing. I got mine after 40 hours of teaching once I'd completed the TTT course.
  3. That sounds familier.. I remember it would have been a basic type qualification to then progress in civvy street.
  4. How do you go about 'getting' the PTLLS from your DITs qual? I'm now in civvy street and would would be very interested in getting this converted. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Have just been booked on a DITS course,whats the course content etc?
  6. DTTT is a separate course and requires a MOIT/BIT/DIT type course as a prerequisite to join
  7. I haven't got a clue to be honest-I think you wouldn't be able to claim it retrospectively but you'd probably be best trying to contact an AEC to get a point of contact.

    You sure about that? As I mentioned previously, the DIT course is the first week of the DTTT course.
  8. GH - if you need to, you may be able to gain the CTTLS by APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) simply by oollating all the evidence of instructing you have done - see www.ifl.ac.uk (it's not the easiest of websites to gain information from). If you need to do a course, then enrol onto a CTTLS course, the PTTLS is the first part of CTTLS and there is little point in doing them separately.

    PM me if I can help further
  9. Matelot,yeah, I've just finished one and that was the pre-requisite, and they require proof that you've done one,they searched JPA for ours prior to the course starting. It may be different for the Regs but def that way for us,ours was only a week long as opposed to the Reg course so that may be whats extra.
  10. Im halfway through doing my DITS (TA) course just now (two weekends) and what they told us was that basically the course counts towards roughly 80% of the PTLLS (Preparing to Teach In A Lifelong Learning Sector). We have the option of paying an extra £43 for the PTLLS and we would then have to complete an essay consisting of 4 questions with a max of 200 words each. They practically give you the answers so it should be a piece of piss. The qual means that you could lecture part time at college, also you can now not be an instructor on anything in a civvy job unless you are minimum PTLLS trained i.e if your employer wants to train you up as a First Aid instructor. Colleges will charge anything from £300 to £1500 to put you through the PTLLS course so getting it through the army is a good opportunity. However it does say on the paperwork that you must complete the essay within two weeks of completing the DITS course.
  11. Tomorrow morning my boss will be ringing up the training wing of another unit to try and get me on a DIT course. A slight problem though - it starts tomorrow morning. I'm still not sure if I'll be allowed on it, and even if I am, I'll miss the first morning as it's a two hour drive. I've seen no joining instructions for it, so have no idea of the course content, apart from that it teaches how to structure lessons. Is there any preparatory work that we're required to do prior to tipping up? Any heads up on the course content would be appreciated, cheers.
  12. 1 x theory lesson
    1 x Practical lesson

    Points to note:
    The use of aids is strongly advised
    personnel to choose a topic of which they know good amount of "subject knowledge"
    Powerpoint/slides and hand-outs preperation
    Some instructors are critical of your timings so be aware of this
    Practice, practice, practice

    NB: Some course may not allow Powerpoint but many do

    hope that helps
  13. Well it would have helped me. That is, if I were actually going. That's four times it's been called off for one reason or another now, starting to wonder what's the bloody point of trying anymore. :x
  14. Don't get to confused about this.

    DITS will get you a PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) Award. This is a threshold award and is worth 6 Credits at either Level 3 or Level 4; there is a small amount of additional work to complete for this qualification.

    If you have attended/ are going to attend the DTTT course you will be eligable to achieve teh CTLLS (Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector) qualification. This is a 24 credit qualification at either Level 3 or Level 4; it is the minimum qualification required for teaching in a college.

    Hope that helps some if you want more information, contact the SO3 Education at Malta Barracks (4 Div RTC SE)
  15. My bold: If anyone knows if there is a link on the mod/armynet site in ref to enquire about this can they put it up as i'm sure many who've completed this would like to take it further if needed

    Looks like a visit to a AEC is called for for further info.