DITS as a week long block?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rhodopsin, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Cant remember where I heard or read it, but I think I am right in saying that somewhere DITS is run as a 6 day training block rather than as 2 weekends. Looked around on armynet but couldnt find anything. So maybe I am mistaken. Does anyone know anything about this and who runs it? Maybe if it does exist it is a bit obscure.

    Ive been putting off doing DITS forever. I guess because im not that excited about it and because it cuts me out of training time with my TA unit. But I can move things around now and a six day block - hopefully some time in early to mid 2012 - would be good for me. BUT this is of course if this is even an option and not just some madness my sub-concious hbas dreamt up.
  2. When I was working at 1RSME they done DITS as a week long block. It even had a couple of the civvy contractors on it as they were involved with training. As for doing it as TA I imagine it depends if someone at your unit knows someone else involved with running a regular DITS course. Can't see why you couldn't join one though.
  3. RLC TA HQ at Grantham run it as a, I thought, a five day course.
  4. Correct!
  5. RTC's do it in three weekends.
  6. get onto the TA Wing at ASLS, they'll tell you the Gospel
  7. Good god. I thought 2 weekends was stretching it out a bit.

    I did it at DCTS and the instructors were absolutely superb.
  8. Strensall do it as two weekends, well, nearly two weekends with lots of tea breaks
  9. Ooops, is that only my Bde RTC then?
  10. the RTC in Exeter do a 1 week course
  11. Don't forget the (broken) biscuit money.
  12. Ah yes, the tea fund, the instructors do quite well out of that.
  13. My SPSI has put me on a week long DIT Course next week, due to a hiccup with my original course.

    Does anyone know if on the week long course it's still just one theory and one practical lesson that you have to give, and how long the lessons are for?

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  14. Is the idea behinds DITs that gives you the knowledge of how to teach and then you do an instructors course on whatever area?

    Does DITs qualify you to teach anything by itself?

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  15. DITs instructional practices are 1 x Theory @ 20 minutes and 1 x Skills (EDIP or Tech Skills) @ 30 minutes.

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