Ditching of CMT(V)

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Chalky, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. My undertsanding is that the decision regarding the ditching of CMT(V)s was due at the end of October.

    I've heard nothing official or otherwise, but then communication from my unit has been somewhat scarce of late.

    I've tried the TA board with no luck, so they suggested I try here.

    Can anyone tell me if we still have a trade? :?
  2. Not really, sorry to sound so pessimistic but the CMT trade is in its death throes. Better get measured up for a ward dress matey :wink:
  3. Apparantly you will all become Hospital types and have to wear a grey dress. To get promotion you may well have to become a Ladyboy. Look on the bright side, your arse won't be as big as anyone elses in the hospital!
  4. However, you will be expected to grow it to the required size in time :twisted:
  5. Lats thing my OC said to us aprox 4 weeks ago there toying with the idea in the TA of splitting the CMT
    CMT's that do jobs such as EMT/Paramedics will still be CMT
    CMT's that do other jobs (none Med) will become HCA's

    That probably wont work in the regs, so probably no help at all
  6. DL Wrote

    We do love a wind up ?

    The CMT cadre in the Regs is currently undergoing a long awaited re-vamp and it is all for the better and there is not a chance in hell that the cadre is under any threat.

    Chalky Wrote:

    Your understanding is sadly mistaken, the trade review is due before the new year, and secondly the CMT(V) will remain, maybe not in the Fd Hosp environment. The Fd Hosp CMT(V) may be renamed and their training more specialised to their role within a Hosp.

    Medisnake wrote:
    Not at all, they may fill one of the LSN's of a HCA but will not be rebadged.
  7. What was due by the end of October was a decision regarding the status, viz-a-viz Clincial Governance, on operations. The DGPl is late, but it looks very much like the CMT1(V) will be treated as a second-class citizen (professionally speaking) on deployed ops, having to work under the "supervision" of a Regular CMT1 unless teh CMT1(V) holds additional civvie med quals (i.e. is a paramedic in civvie street).

    That said, this isn't the end of the story and there's talk of alternatives to maintain the employability of CMT1(V)s. Suggestions include a biennial/triennial re-qualification to retain the Class 1 status; an additional week's refresher trg before deployment, and the inclusion of a fixed and accredited programme of CPD for CMT1(V)s that would require them to conduct a minimum number of "practical training" nights per annum, plus completing on-line or correspondence learning to keep the theoretical and processual knowledge on the boiler.

    Of course it begs the question "Why?". The rather feeble answer is that the powers-that-be feel that the CMT1(V) who isn't medical in civvie street doesn't get enough hands-on experience to be trusted to work unsupervised on ops. The obvious retort is that neither does a Regular CMT1 who does ATR, Med Stores, Tp Sgt, CQMS... all the while doing bugger all clinical work until he gets spammed for a HERRICK IA tour. So expect to see any remedial action take in the CMT1 Regular as much as the CMT1(V).

    The CMT trade is going nowhere for the foreseeable future...

  8. As long as we have tentage or the need to ridicule someones job, there will always be a place in the army for CMTs! even if they change their job title to HCA, wear a dress and have to put on a little extra arrse weight.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Very similar to ODP's then. The Hospital Comabt Arm! Just less walls to scrub.
  10. less walls but more sand to damp dust!!
  11. Indeed! Boss ... Were is Heidi ?
  12. interesting first post, however, what are you talking about?
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    Won't happen again :oops:
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