Ditching career at 30 to join?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Flats, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    I thinking of serious change and joining up. However im 30 and have a decent career with a pretty good wage. Brings me no satisfaction what so ever though.
    Always had the desire to join the army and tried out for officer 7 years ago, but didn't get selected.
    I know officer is out of the question now, but did anyone else join up late (or know anyone) and for what reasons? Am I deluded and left it realistically too late?
    Realise I would be mixing it with 17yr old guys and NCOs younger too, but not too concerned.
    What roles would be best to consider? I have management and analytical skills primarily, along with IT tech.

  2. Int Corps, not sure what the new rules are on age limits. Being older has its advantages regarding maturity, just make sure your fitness is up to scratch.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Have you thought about the TA?

    I ask, because the regular army seems to be almost full and 30 is not too old for the TA.

    Plus you can keep your career and go on Ops.

  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    I'd say at 30 your seriously disadvantaged. By the time your in and through training you'd be nearer 32/33, people who join at 18 are leaving when they're 40. You can see it's more atractive for the Army to employ an 18 year old than a 30 year old.
    Fitness: Although you may be fit and healthy it takes longer to recover as you get older, pick up an injury and get discharged you're buggered.

    Considered the TA? If you've got skills already then have a look there at roles that could use them, Royal Signals, Intelligence Corp etc.

    With the TA you can keep the job and its pay and still go off on tours etc.

    I'm sure there are many other things to consider, up to you in the end though!
  5. In terms of what roles to consider, it wold be best to order the booklet and dvd of the armyjobs site, then you can sit down and have a proper look and see if its what you really want.

    Link for dvd pack: https://dvdpack.armyjobs.mod.uk/

    At the end of the day its your decision and only you can make it, just make sure you look into it before dismissing it though (or joining up too) ;)
  6. Do not go ditching your job at the moment, as has been mentioned we will be fully manned by April next year and are already deliberately restricting the amount of vacancies available at the moment to ensure that we do not end up overfilling the Regular Army.

    In simple terms unless you are applying for the Infantry you have very little chance of getting into the Army before April next year, this is because whilst we are still recruiting (and that message remains clear) we have around 200 vacancies left for everything else.

    So it's either Infantry or a ridiculously long wait with no way of actually forecasting for definite when you could get a job (exactly the same as the Police and Fire Brigade have been doing in a lot of regions for years).

    The TA has been mentioned and in your position given you are employed i would be urging you to look at the TA first, you will still be eligible for the Regular Army up until your 33rd birthday, at least then if you aren't particularly enjoying your present career, you can soldier part time and have something to look forward to at the end of the day :)
  7. To cut a long story short - think again or thing of something else.
  8. TA Int Corps - 0207 611 3912. You won't be at all out of place with your background.

    As to your lack of mojo with your civvy job, get your CV buffed up and on the streets. You'll either get a better job with more money; realise you're not doing too badly; or appreciate how over-paid you are.

    Good luck whatever you choose.
  9. Flats, I'm 25, I go in on Feb 2010...Ill then be 26, I am a fully qualified mechanic on a decent wage but I am not pregressing and havent been since 20...I thought about the army for long time and now I have the chance!

    You only get one shot so if you aint happy then do it!

    Good luck!
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmm, joining at 30 is probably not something you'll enjoy. Being in the Army is a young mans game unless you're a little way up the ladder. Far be it for me to dissuade you but I doubt at 30 you'll get much out of it.
  11. I'm 32 and trying to re-join the army, the way I look at is when I reach the age of 50 I'll be really for retirement if I get in. I've also know a bloke who joined the Army at 32 did basic, and he is now currently a WO2 at this 12 year point its has it advantages being older.

    If it's something you really want to do then go for it, but think hard about it first. Also you have the advantage of having a civi career behind you.

    Call into your local recruiting office, they will have the answers.
  12. If he has made WO2 at 12 years then he is either in a specialist trade or he is an exception to the rule, most Cap badges wouldnt dream of promoting someone to WO2 that early, but there are always flyers within each Regiment, it is not common though i can assure you :)

    And with the new contract system it is possible to serve until 55 :)

    You have to ask yourself, if at the age of 30 you can run like an 18 year old would be expected to then why not join, its mind over matter :)
  13. Well he was infantry, and has been told to expect a commission around this 15 year point... Just one point on the fitness side, experts reckon you really peak with fitness around the age of 30. I'm 32 and have been training 8 weeks, and have no problem running a 10 min or below PFT
  14. I'm currently 28 and 5 months. Passed ADSC today with a run time under 10 mins. I'm going Communication Systems Engineer. I looked at alot of different careers and selected this one. Others I thought about were Int Corps, Geographic technician and RMP.
    Go to the local careers office and maybe ask about look at life courses which may help your decision more.
  15. Im 32 and going in on 4th October and cant wait to get going.Its not the best age to join but if the Army didnt want me they would have let me know.Im doing the mile and half in 10.59 and on selection i finished in front of guys that were 18. If you just keep your fitness up and pass all the tests then your half way there.Just apply and see what happens its a long process so you can always change your mind before you sign the contract.Good luck!!