Ditch US in terror war, say 80pc of Britons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 17, 2006.

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    With 53% of those asked wanting British foreign policy to be more aggressive!
  2. Q. Who will pay the Butchers bill ?
    A. Tommy
  3. Bit of a contradictory attitude us brits seem to have.

    On the one hand, the majority (according to the is poll) want the UK govt to take a tougher stand on foreign policy (and all that stands for, which i guess they may not have thought through), but the vast majority want us to move away from our special (and looking less every day) relationship with the spams, and instead shack up with 'Helmut and Pierre', who have a track record of sitting with their thumbs up their arrse.

    It's like wanting to join the army to see action and then joining the AGC :roll:
  4. I think the general population would prefer it if we enforced our own robust foreign policy by ourselves and without interference from the yanks, the UN, or any europeans. The Empire Strikes Back!

    Unfortunately we dont have the resources to do that, but, perhaps an effective intelligent cabinet could change that. Wont hold my breath though.
  5. a contradiction in terms if ever there was one... :mrgreen:
  6. You could liken this to the school playground...don't upset that 6'3" best mate of yours, cos he's the one that stops you getting beaten up on the way home from school