Ditch the SPS

Transfer out of the SPS.  You know you want to.

I left 2 yrs ago, became a scaley IS Op and never looked back.  Since then I've done tonnes of adv trg, led overseas expeds as a JSMEL, on the higher pay band and got promoted too (still an short-arrse though)

I've also managed to get on about half-a-dozen civvy IT courses and am at last qualified to do something when I leave, rather than as a PSG (potential security guard).

The SPS offers you nothing when you leave.  Even the association is basically the RAPC association.  At least the RSigs and RA have a dedicated resettlement cell at Corps HQ level to help you out.

I'm not dissing the guys'n'girls of the SPS.  Some of the hardest working people I've ever had the pleasure of serving with, but the plain fact is that the corps, as an organisation, does not care one jot about your future.

A final example might be that I often see fellow R Sigs personnel in their last 6 months  who are sent on so-called 'gardening' leave (i.e. a cushy job with no real responsibilities), merely a to sort out a job etc while arguably the hardest working species - the Mil Clerk - at 22 yrs will routinely be milked for every last bit of blood and sweat right up till the end.  OK so that's a bit dramatic but feel free to criticise me if I'm lying.

by the way doesn't Animo et Fide mean "Animal Fiddlers" or "Animo, Minero, Vegetabo"?



Totally agree with what you have said.  All the clerks at are place are constantly worked ragged.   Every night their working late, even Fridays.  I feel sorry for them.  They do duty clerk and guard duty.   Seems the goal posts are always moved.  Who's idea was it for this Corps?   It used to work fine with dedicated clerks who were same cap badge.  Now it's a new face every few years.  
Couldn't agree more. 8 yrs in the AGC, back to Regimental Duty next (3rd out of 4 tours), send me on Pay Cse & Sys Admin etc. Investment = about 8 wks training. None of it much use in Civ Div.

Accepted by the Int Corps, retraining as an OP MI (Linguist) later this year. Investment = almost 2 YEARS training, with a high standard of lingedy thrown in (close to Intepreter, I believe). Higher band, blah blah blah. Big bag of skills to sell on demob!

The moral of this story is check www.army.mod.uk, go to the serving soldier site and check out transfers. There should still be a link to the List of Vacant Soldier Posts; go find that greener grass, chaps.........
I agree with you, but if we all left were would the Corp or the Army be maybe we need to try and change things from within, and not run away when things get hard. Good luck as a scaley back.
If the AGC is s bad how come so many soldiers from other Corps and Regiments are screaming to get in? I have had 4 members of my unit come to me in the oast week to transfer into the Corps. Which regiment am I talking about? A Royal Signals one.

I admit it has its faults but essentially we have the right mix.

If you dont like the Corps then leave.
Combat-AGC-Typist said:
I agree with you, but if we all left were would the Corp or the Army be maybe we need to try and change things from within, and not run away when things get hard. Good luck as a scaley back.
Good call CAT. I think it is a significant flaw in the character of the average Tom. When the going gets tough.....whinge about it, fcuk off out of it or change cap badge. Is no-one up for a challnge these days?

Playing Devil's Advocate, however, the AGC SPS man-management does seem to be shite. When my RAO complained to his Comd SPS abouty the lack of professionalism/military orientation within those he was having posted he was told to accept it as that is the way it is! No wonder they are under-manned and the average clerk is doing 3 mens work! Moral low? Surely not?
All these points are valid, although in many cases viewed from points of biase. From an AGC perspective yes we work hard, often long and tedious hours. This is not so much to do with management but with the ever changing role and devolution of power and responsibilities whether it be from Div, Bde or MCM's and the resources we have to carry out these new and changing roles.

It is the responsibility of senior AGC to fight from within to get better resources/training and to change the system so that it is more usable and flexible. This is happening now. We are seeing the initial roll-out of new systems IT and doctrine, which will make our role easier, although initially will create a sharp learning curve for many of the under educated individuals that seem to be joining these days.

Many of the guys that transferred to the Signals should now be aware that the jobs they used to want are only just over the horizon within the AGC. AGC posts will become more IT orientated over the next few years and many intelligent clerks are being poached for Phase 2 Digitization roles.

I have worked with Poison Dwarf and we know each other very well and at the time I fully supported his move to the Signals but if he was transferring now I would advise him to hold out. The new Digitization policies and doctrine will completely change the way that a clerk works and his future employability in Civvy street, it will certainly not help an old crusty like me but it will the juniors, although many of them will not be able to cope with the responsibilities and changing role. In four years there will be a re-evaluation of a clerks role and I can see an easy pay upgrade, not because of the hours we work or the trivial nature of it but because of the nature of the evolution of Digitization and our pivitol role within it.

Yes we are under-paid, yes we are over-worked but we carry out a vital role which someone has to do, rather us than civilians who go home at 1600 hrs and have less military knowledge than a Cadbury Snack had in her little finger. We are working hard to change the role and the perception the rest of the Army has of the AGC and it is time for the rest of the Army to understand that before Mr Accountant moves in and takes over
Sounds very grown up. Is this the AGC of the future?
I thought we had Digitization in the AGC already - UNICOM !! :D

Who needs colour screens and decent office applications anyway - they would only ask us to do more work if we had them anyway :evil:
The AGC needs warriors, not wimps, so if you cant stand the pressure ..then leave and do something else. After all, it is a volunteer army!
Warriors - that is for the Armd Inf. 8O

We need intelligent, resourceful, forward thinking people that will work long hours for poor pay and lots of grief from everyone.

The ability to count, speak and write legible English is also quite handy too.

Glad I have joined already!! :(
8O What a load of To**. I am one of the old and bold, been there seen it, got the bloody T-Shirt. Ex All Arms Clerk who was told as a senior that I had to join the AGC, no choice. Yes we are under paid, over worked being given monkeys straight from training and told to get on with it. But my biggest gripe is the lack of respect the ACG have with other Arms. In the Regt I was serving, as RAOWO, the RSM despised the AGC and made not only my life hell but the other members of the detachment. How can we get around this. :( All too often were we given the shit jobs, that his men were too good for! I was pleased to leave the Regt. I have been told by the boys, as I still keep in touch with them, that the new RSM (the old one got commissioned, how the hell, I don't know) is even worse. There are too many RAO's out there with no back-boke and let the CO's, Adjt's and RSM's get away with far to much. WE ARE TREATED JUST LIKE THE OLD PAY CORPS, BUY WITH TWICE THE WORK AND HALF THE MANPOWER. It will take years for the Corp to be treated with respect. It is not helped by the amount of poorly trained individuals and females with problems that arrive at units, that you have to work with to improve the standard of unit support. Anyway enough of this, I could go on all night ..............................
britbob said:
There are too many RAO's out there with no back-bone and let the CO's, Adjt's and RSM's get away with far too much
You've hit the nail on the head there, in the entire existence of the AGC the only half decent RAOs I've had have been the LE types (and it pains me to say that the best one was ex RAPC). We hand out commissions willy-nilly to any fuckwit with a couple of A levels (and don't get me started on the number of ex Inf/chefs/RMP etc that get LE).

I'm sorry to say that the AGC(SPS) was the worst thing that could have happened to clerical support within the Army, in the old days the Pay Corps had a Paymaster who ran that side of things and us proper clerks in RHQ and the Sqns were overseen by a mere Chief Clerk who had gone through the ranks, in that cap badge and knew what the fcuking score was.

Am I the only one who can see that the only way to sort all this sh*t out is to disband the AGC and send us all back where we belong?
Thats it, I've had enough, I'm off. This corps will implode withing the next 5 years if its not sorted out.

In 10 years I've only met one officer who half knew what he was doing, the rest haven't had a clue and refuse to listen to help or advice. The standard of people coming through now is so low that the old and bold are doing more and more work because the youngsters don't know/don't want to know or cant be bothered to learn, yet, we are told by the SPS chain that we (yes I'm an old fart) are failing in our task of "in house training" (I looked that one up in a thesaurus and found "establishment way of sloping the shoulder")

Gapping!! every unit I know has gaps, and what are we doing to plug them? Recruiting people who can hardly speak English let alone read and write it properly (check out my Sqn orders) to administer its soldiers! Don't get me wrong, these are nice people but, sit down and speak to them and they are here for one thing only - self improvement, at risk of sounding racist with a broadbrush statement (but we do have one lad who has admitted this is his plan) but they are here for 4 years, to save up as much cash as possible, go home and buy a tractor and a plot of land!!!

We're bridging gaps as it is, whats going to happen when the 9 (yes nine) foreign clerks at my unit (who all turned up around the same time) have done there 4 years? We wont have a corps at all just a bloody corpse!!
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Soldier,Why? wrote:
Am I the only one who can see that the only way to sort all this sh*t out is to disband the AGC and send us all back where we belong?
Wish I could mate, but the RCT is long gone and there is no way I want to go to the RLC shower of sh*t, so I guess I am stuck with this shower of sh*t. Roll on pension.
Dont think so chum, there isnt a need for it, the ex-RAPC are like the mafia in most of the top spots. Anyway pay the dark art??
Why didn't you get a proper IT trade in the Corps and not scuttle off to the Jimmies with your tail between your legs. There are plenty of opportunities to get the Analyst Prtogrammer CEQ in the Corps could you just not cut it or what? :p

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