Dita Von Teese - Birmingham

I know she has some fans here, she'll be signing stuff at Waterstones New Street, in the Brumopolis tomorrow (26/11) from 17.00

Waterstones are advising get there early as the reaction and interest has been startling. Call Waterstones to confirm she's still coming before you launch on a pilgrimage though :D

Can't see what all the fuss is about meself.....
Lets hope the Japanese whaling fleet isn't in town

Gopping pasty skinned moose
True enough,

Though if Laura Esposto was going to do any sort of signing, I'd be camping overnight :D
Only so you could get a sneaky peak at my sack bouncing off her bottom.
She was looking seriously, seriously hot on Football Italia today, glued to the screen I was. Then some blokes started kicking a football about and I lost interest.

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