Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 23chunky, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Been put on a DIT T cse does anyone have any lesson plans?
  2. Do your own, that's the whole point of it and you will also understand what you are teaching.

    Some fcuking instructor you will make if you can't even be bothered to complie your own lessons.
  3. mate do them yourself they aint hard
  4. Surely there is nothing wrong with someone attending a DITS course to ask for some lesson plans.
    This is the best way to learn and to take good practice from other people and to learn the general layout of the plans before you start to attempt your own.
    Let’s not start saying that every lesson taking by an instructor is done on an original lesson plan
  5. Having just done this course recently, I can say with some knowledge that the instructors will teach you everything you need. You will not learn by using someone else's lesson plan.

    It isn't bloody difficult, trust me.
  6. all i was asking was for a little help. cheers
  7. 23chunky - you tried to atke the easy route - like so many other ARRSE users. Each course will be slightly different. As an instructor, if someone turned up to my first lesson with lesson plans from elsewhere, there's only one place they'd be going - in the bin.

    I agree that once an instructor is skilled in teaching, and has the knowledge, there is no harm in using someone elses lesson plans. But when learning the basics - I think it is important to do it yourself. Best way to learn.

    Anyway, enjoy the course!
  8. i have done the basic DIT course when it changed from BIT to DIT , the course i am doing is the train the trainer. i understand that using someone else's lesson plans is not the best thing. can anyone advice me on the format of the cse as the info they sent me was for the DIT not DIT T
  9. 2 1/2 week course. You're split into syndicates of about 5-6 per group that are mixed ranks with about 23/24 in each course. The instructors are really really good and there's a Guards CSgt instructor there who is a top bloke even if he does look like Micheal Barrymore! Awright??? :D

    There is a lot of prep work to be done in the evening initially and you will struggle if you're not adept at using powerpoint/computers in general so I'd advise you to brush up on your skills before you get there as it'll make your life a lot easier.

    You've got to give 4 lessons.

    IP1-20 Mins on a subject of your choice
    IP2-30 Mins 'practical' such as knot tying/changing a fuse etc etc
    IP3-40 Mins on a subject that they give you (and no, I'm not going to say what they are-wait until you get there)
    IP4-30 Mins (ditto)

    You also do 3 days of Care of Trainee's which,for me, was the best part of the course to be honest as they get professional actors in to act out scenarios and they do push you. Like all things, you will only get out of it what you put in and I have to say it's been one of the most rewarding courses I've done in the mob. You get a BTEC something or other on completion of the course and confirmation you've done at least 30 hours of coaching/instruction.

    It's perceived by some to be a 'pink and fluffy' course but in defence of the course, there are only a few lessons which I thought were crap but after what happened at Deepcut, changes had to be made...

    I did TTT at RAF Halton and the Sgt's Mess is PAYD and has little atmosphere however, the guys and girls in the mess are mostly a very friendly and civilised bunch and are a credit to the RAF as they will make you feel welcome there-more so than in some of the RN messes I've been in, I'm ashamed to admit. I had an ensuite cabin although I'm led to believe that one of the accom blocks is shite but it's still 'not that bad'.

    Halton village has a few decent pubs with one or two stunning barmaids and the curryhouses are pretty good.

    T'is a fecking pain in the arse to get to RAF Halton though...
  10. cheers mate
  11. When I did my DIT (T) cse, it was only a week long, I did mine at Blandford although it was run by DCTS Instructors.

    There was a DIT course running concurrently to my DIT (T) so we shaddowed the DIT course, sat in on some of the central lessons that their instructors delivered and assessed the studedents theory and skills lessons (under spervision of their instructors). I addidtion to this, we also had to prepair and deliver actual DIT lessons (to the other DIT (T)'s), ie the lessons that you will deliver to students on DIT courses.

    I now teach DIT courses on a regular basis, and my unit has just been re-acrcedited by DCTS. If you need an further assistance drop me a PM.

    Hope this helps. :?

  12. the RHAJ is a good indian ay, when you were refering to bar maids, which pub was you refering to?