DIT Lesson Plans

I am looking for ideas to do my DIT Lesson Plans on. I am struggling to find a good decent subject to teach. Anyone got any good ideas?
It depends on where you do your course. Some franchises are quite keen that you teach a military skill. But other franchises can be slightly mor flexible as long as it has a military bearing...

It is also a good idea to link your 20 minute thoery with your 30 minute practical, though not essential.

Hope this helps

Changing a tyre?
folding a map?
tying a knot?
wiring a plug?
Stripping and cleaning the A2 mag?
napkin folding?
etc etc etc
Being a DIT trainer...

I would recommend that you keep it as simple as possible. Those whoo chose complicated topics, especially for the practical tend not to score as well as those who keep it simple.

Theory lesson can be anything really 20 minutes isnt that long - about 14 minutes lesson content.

Regimental history, badges of Rank, the list is endless, and I have a memeory blank at the moment.

As for the skills, - esp EDIP folding a paper aroplane, napkin folding, laying a table for a mess function, erecting an army camp bed are all lessons I have seen that worked well.

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