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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spanner4488, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys needing a bit help has anyone got dit lesson plans they could send me just been loaded on the course

    cheers spanner
  2. How about how to include smilies into an ARRSE post?
  3. sorry boss! :thumright:
  4. They will teach you how to write a lesson plan on the course. At least they did when I took it about 8 months ago at RAF Halton.
  5. **** the lesson plan, no cuff too tough
  6. m8 the first weekend they teach you how to create a lesson plan and show you how to take a lesson then you go away and put into practise what you have been tought by creating a lesson before your 2nd weekend so dont worry about it you do 1 practical and 1 theory lesson the practical is on anything you want such as packing a bergan or taking a shit!! what ever you want but your theory has to be military related I would say pick somethings such as how to maintain your uniform or bulling your boots something long and easy to stretch out hope this helps bud.

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  7. It used to be that the skills lesson wasnt military based and could be anything. So we had a guy go on it and his skills lesson was.....'Wine Tasting'!!!

    He got the class wankered during his lesson and it went down a storm!!!
  8. Just keep it simple! And make sure you know the subject and content well.
  9. You have to do two lessons, one theory and one practical or "EDIP" as they call it. Its not hard and you dont need a lesson plan now, the whole point of the course is to teach you how to make one.
    I did my EDIP on putting a rifle sling on, others did knot tying, filling in an ATUD and so on.

    Since the course I have never used the dits format, I only did it as a prerequisite to other courses.
  10. I did mine on balloon modelling and how to tie a noose, turns out the only person who can legally tie a noose in this country is HM execusioner, bit of trivia for you.

    Like the wine tasteing idea, you could do pie eating too. Fcuk it sign me up could do with a refresher

  11. A girl from my Sqn did 'making cocktails' and choose 'Sex on the Beach' and 'Morning Glory'.

    Another nursey type did how to 'self check for testicular cancer' and she used eggs in a hankie as training aids.

    I did mine about the same time (2000) and someone taught us how to build a car-bomb.

    I enjoyed the course. Choose a simple subject that will fit the DITs format nicely. Building a paper aeroplane is good. I did that for my NHS teaching course. I called the aeroplane design 'the Growler 2000'. I was then able to tell the nurses that symmetry was all important in a good Growler, and that gripping your Growler too hard would end up in disaster!! I got endless fun out of that! Only about a third of the class were native British speakers but the rest were still keen to discuss all manner of Growler related issues!