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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spanner4488, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys i'm looking for dit lesson plans just been loaded on the course any help would be great!

    regards Spanner
  2. So your all prep'd for your Theory & Practical Lessons then?

    PP, Flip chart or other allowed?

    Don't forget EDIP, and of course your timings,

    How's that for help ? ;-)

    I'm sure if you wait long enough someone will email you a blank template if your unable to 'go out & ask your muckers (who've previously done it for assistance).
  3. hell no just got my ji's the other day been putting this course off for about 7 years but need it for my skillies course
  4. You don't need the lesson plans, everything you need to know will be taught on the course, no prior prep needed as it's piss easy. Enjoy.
  5. Don't go with someone elses lesson plans. The DS will teach you all you need to know and tell you what they are looking for in the assessment. They will also help you, if necessary, with the lesson prep. Who are you doing it with?
  6. rtc at redford in edinburgh
  7. Biggest hint... Keep it as simple as you can.
  8. Standard TA attitude.

    Why are you looking for a lesson plan? The idea of the course is for you to practise planning and giving a lesson.
  9. I hate the term SKILLIES!!!!