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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hellfyyr, May 20, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone help me to find an online (military or civilian) guide to when and where DIT courses are held?

    I have been on the MODWeb and was promised a course programme by someone, who failed to deliver.

    Can someone PM me with a steer?

    Many Thanks
  2. Might be wrong but don't they have the info in AGAI's

  3. Give the Defence School of Training Support (DSTS) a bell at Upavon, thats where I did mine. :D
  4. Thanks all!
  5. Where are you based....? I did mine with 2 Inf brigade TT in Kent.
  6. sorry, telling people where i am based would give me away...

    lets just say UK lol
  7. 49 brigade east do a dits course at Waterbeach barracks near cambridge, (bits when i did it) top notch instructors there!
  8. Helfyrr -

    If you are TA your Regional Brigade Specialist Training Team (BSTT) will run the DIT courses. Speak to your PSI, who will have their number and should have a copy of their program. He will get you a list of dates, and you let him know which ones you want to do. I think DITs currently run over three weekends, usually non-consecutive, but there are courses available all throughout the year.

    If you are regular, speak to your Pl Sgt/Tp SSgt.
  9. Or your Flight Sergeant.
  10. Mine was at RAF Halton just outside Aylesbury. It even includes the new touchy feely mentoring and listening skills bit that the government thinks that we need to teach the little sh*ts (sorry trainees) now.
  11. Courses are run at 3 locations. They were single-service until a few years ago, when they were brought together under a tri-service banner.

    I did mine at Halton, and I don't know where the others are based, might be Upavon (as mentioned) and Portsmouth or somewhere wet like that.

    SNCOs be prepared - apparently the Mess at Halton is one of the worst in the history of the RAF :twisted: I dimly recall that accommodation is earmarked for course attendees as there may be one or two late nights spent cutting and sellotaping visual aids.

    An enjoyable course, with people from all walks of military life participating and a good end-of-course curry in the nearby village.
  12. take the course at portsmouth with the navy it's where i did mine on the recommendation that it was the best.

    I can honestly say the level of instruction was excellent far better than i have received from alot of army courses and portsmouth is good on the lash too.

    As for dates you'll have to check DTI's
  13. Thank you all for the steer, I have long since passed this course and await my next crazy course...