Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rubberduck, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Dit course required before MCM DIV will give posting order

    Anybody now if theres one running in near future with places left on it.
  2. What Regt/Corps are you mate?

    The REME Arms School run them on average every 4-6 weeks, there are normally a couple of spaces per course. Alternatively 4Bn REME are now accredited to run the courses.

    DCTS are the course owners, contact them if you are having trouble finding a course or PM me and I can send details of the REME ones.
  3. RLC mate, Ive put a bid in for a course at RAF Halton. But thats not till Sept/Oct time. I was just gouing to see if I could get on one before then.
  4. Next REME AS course is mid september mate, details on DII or intranet on REME Arms School website.
  5. If you are happy to work weekends try one of the Regional Training Centre's There is usually a DIT course running most weekends somewhere around the country.
  6. Cheers mate will do