Disturbing obsession with mongs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Yes - Fetish

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  2. Yes - Humour for those dull moments

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  4. As ambiguous as a liberal politician

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  1. First and foremost I'm not talking about myself (honest :oops: )

    There has been thread after thread on these creatures, how to best deploy them tatically, whether they make good partners for that one night of "romance" and other mong related topics and mllaaarss

    Why is this? Is there a secret fetish that only comes from doing basic? (former stab, sorry)

    Bitter that the men and women lead you *may* be from the same gene pool, yet these orifices have "power"?

    Or are they just an easy target, hence why the number of topics is generally equal to the number slagging off the french and journos... wait a minute... *links them in his head*... perhaps they're all the same thing

    A journo for the sun, writing lies with one hand, waving a white flag with the other whilst licking a cheese-flavoured ice-cream and with the other tongue licking Rebekah Wade's window (yes three hands and two tongues, wouldn't put it past them)

    Damnit, I got carried away, now I see the attraction... but is anyone else worried by this?
  2. No. It's funny. Simple as that.

    (I'll bet you have a head like a space hopper and lick trolley handles at the weekend, dont you?)
  3. Inciteful as ever flashy. Are you stalking me or something? I've left the trolley handles to every other weekend, I found I was suffering with bad breath. For those interested Tesco are the best bet, marks and spencers taste of posh, asda of fat munta sweat and morrisons of northerner *shudder*

    My ears are the best bit about my spacehopper head, want to bounce up and down holding onto them sometime flashy?
  4. I wonder if a headline will apear in the press.... 'ARMY MONG FETISH'
  5. The last time Flash was seen bouncing up and down on a space hopper there appeared to be only one ear. How strange!
  6. Already on the way. Being a journo for the daily scum, daily porn and caravanning monthly I have taken all views posted, twisted them, implicated deepcut in a way which doesn't tie me down to anything substantial and I'm going to question whether these are the type of people we want beating up poor, innocent iraqis and also request for more to pose nude.
    Does that make you feel any better?

    P.S all opinions posted by me are my own opinion and are not the views of the army, ta, cadets, scouts or space cadets or any other organisation. All implications of journos being scum are based on a few bad eggs that I won't name and all is said purely in jest... sort of... For those interested in sueing the publicity I have made for your papers outweighs any negative comments. Caravanning monthly is a stunning magazine I recommend to all, especially if you have a volvo estate and a purple, woolen jumper one size to large
  7. Not another mong topic for sux fake Crabby.
    Uh-do you have a link to the mong romance sight please?
  8. Try www.rlcdriversRus.co.uk
  9. I've been wondering about the ARRSE mong obsession.

    I was wonderign if it isn't some kind of jelousy by those most obsessed. These people have a permenant state of happy dribbling incoherence and incontinence. ARRSE members can only achieve this state of nirvana with a massive investyment in alcohol.

  10. Nail on head :lol:
  11. [Cnut mode on]
    Get a life, pondlife, you useless oxygen thief. I work with blind people and see an increasing number of ex squaddies, in fact I trained with an ex squaddie (sigs) who boxed for the army and lost his sight temporarily. It is easy to mock the cabbages and poke fun at the mongs who sometimes are indestinguisable from an officer, but it might happen to you one day. I see a lad down the gym, probably about your age, walking down the road one day, not a care in the world, car hit him; cant talk properly now, or walk properly, but he makes an effort to fight his disabilities. He cant help being a Watford supporter but thats what brain damage does to you.
    I was up in Ely a cupple of years ago at their local hospital, young lad came in after an altercation. He had a snooker cue stuffed up his nose, through his skull and had blue chalk on the inside of the top of his skull. didnt do him a lot of good.

    remember the next time you go down the pub and see some hoodies / hobbits and they get moody cos their nanny hasnt turned up. Are you going to stand up and fly the flag. No you aint. Remember when you get old, and your sight fails and your incontinence bag overflows and you smell of p*ss
    [Cnut mode off]

    No it's not an obsession, I can quit anytime I want. I just happen to enjoy the smell.