Disturbance claim???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hullboy, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me out there? I came to Germany at the end of April as a re-enlister, with my wife and kids. However my status on JPA has me down as a reserve Chef! This is not my trade. It also has me down as a HTD Volunteer reservist with no records of any trade, quals, jabs etc etc and even one of my kids has gone missing off the system. Due to this i have been paid zilch the last 2 months. The cheif cannot arrive me in theatre to start my pay, LOA etc as i need an assignment number from APC,(my posting order was a 3 line fax stating report here this day!!). I have fired it up to bde, as i obviously need the money. He just authorised a 500 pound A/R payment which was adequately taken off me by the bank for all my bills and DD's. 2 weeks ago it apparently went to SO1 RLC APC(MCM) to be looked at and actioned. It still has not been sorted. I went and asked to apply for my Disturbance to be told i cannot yet untill i am on JPA and been paid. I was also told that i cannot claim this anyway if i wait more than 30 days after my move. 6 wks before, 4 wks after is the scale. is this right?? I am getting no where fast and when i ask get told i am whinging. I am sat in a portacabin ALL DAY twiddling thumbs. (it is a no work, stores etc regt) to be told cannot have 10 day relocation leave as leave/course ban on, yet my troopie and few snrs are, yes you guessed it, on leave or course. I am sick to the back teeth with this now so any sensible advise would be gratefully appreciated.