Disturbance Allowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by missmoneypenny5445, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Can someone please clarify the following:

    Individual has received an assignment order to move on 1 Apr 09. He has just purchased a property that he will be moving into tomorrow, though he has not yet moved units yet, is he still able to claim disturbance allowance.
  2. Are you a Clerk?
  3. i think the answer is in jsp 715?

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  5. don't you mean 752 - no it does not state this scenario
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  7. I have just seen your previous posts, i do hope your not a clerk becasue you are shit at your job if you are..........
  8. to be fair, clerks get an unfair amount of flak. they are often very junior soldiers left to interpret complex regulations, that even after a lengthy career i struggle with. In this, the enlightened information and education age people could do a lot more to help themselves
  9. Yes,have you any idea what JSP 715 is you numpty?
  10. tri-service accomdation regulations, cock
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  12. It would not be a qualifying move this far ahead, it is classed as a mid-assignment move which is through personal choice and not for service reasons.

    Will he be claiming GYH to the property between now and the move in April?

    If so he cannot claim DA after he moves in April either.

  13. You mean JSP 464..... or are you trying to Wah me again? or are you just retarded? JSP 715 is as yet unallocated, maybe we could see if they could allocate it to you, JSP 715 Tri Service Regulations for Numpty F uckwits Posting on Arrse...Volume 1- Special Danny_Dravot...

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