disturbance allowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by n_kernow, May 19, 2008.

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  1. does anyone know if an expense claim needs to be submitted for disturbance allowance as well as the disturbance allowance claim itself?
  2. Just input claim via JPA.
  3. and then conact your HR Admin person as it will workflow to them for approval.
  4. The claim form for disturbance allowance on JPA takes about 60 seconds to complete.

    As long as you fill in the fields correctly, it'll be done automatically.

    Did you move more than 50 miles?
    How many children were affected?
    Is the move mid-posting?
    What date did you move?

    Things like that.
  5. What difference does it make if you move more or less than 50 miles? Do you not get the same rate? :?
  6. If the move is less than 50 miles the allowance becomes taxable - not paid by you, paid centrally.

  7. Silly question coming up....can you still get disturbance allowance if you don't move homes, but do move to a different Unit which is 30 miles away from your old Unit
  8. If it falls under a qualifying move in JSP 752 (into SLA I take it) possibly, I would have to look at the Regs, it's all about where you move to.
  9. 'Fraid not - you have to move to qualify for any form of disturbance.

  10. What if her were moving into SLA, I believe that there is now a remitt for this in JSP 752, I will check next week, however, I am sure I have seen something re new RWA in SLA on assignment as a qualifying move, I may be wrong but if he is retaining an MSQ and moving into SLA I think that there may be provission for this under the new rules.
  11. LJS - The post states no move. If the SP was moving into SLA and leaving the family in SFA there would be an entitlement haven't got the current rate to hand but used to be the princely sum of £85.00!

    (I feel quite sad using all these new fangled abbreviations!!)
  12. PW, That's the Badger that I was on about, still £85 better in your pocket I suppose.

    He may be refering to the fact that there is no move of family home, in addition to this, if he is retaining the MSQ and will be living in SLA he will be entitled to GYH(T), alternatavly, if comuting under 50 miles he will get HTD (HTD caped at 50 miles).

    Some more abreviations lol.
  13. LJS, MSQ is old hat SFA is the way ahead!!

  14. Cheers PW & LJS its my own home not a quarter.

    I have been lucky to get another posting within commuting distance..
  15. LOL I stand corrected.