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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kebe, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. I was wondering if any one can help me, I am due to terminate my service with British Army on Jul 21 after having served 9 years, as i live in an msq am i entitled to free removal to my new house and can i claim disturbance allowance, i was informed by one clerk i was but my chief clerk said i wasnt, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Disturbance Allowance:

    07.0114. Qualifying Moves. It is the move of the Service person, not the immediate family (unless bereaved or in the circumstances at paragraph 07.0115), which provides eligibility for DA. To qualify for DA Service personnel must:

    a. Be ordered in writing to move to a new place of duty to undertake a permanent assignment following Phase One training (but see 07.0107); or

    b. Be required to move from a RWA to alternative accommodation awaiting a further assignment (eg on an extended period of sickness). Where the subsequent assignment necessitates a further move to a RWA this will also attract DA; or

    c. Undertake a mid-assignment move for Service reasons, as a result of a change of Service accommodation entitlement (other than as a result of first setting up of home), or for compassionate, welfare or medical reasons when authorised by JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC).


    07.0205. Eligible Service Personnel. All Regular Service personnel and, where appropriate, their accompanying immediate families, are eligible to move and/or store their entitlement of PE at public expense when one of the following is met:

    a. They move to a new Residence at Work Address (RWA) on an assignment requiring a permanent change of duty station.

    b. They are required to change permanent residence on temporary assignment. This is liable to tax if the new residence is still within reasonable travelling distance of the old duty station (see paragraph 07.0204).

    c. They are permanently assigned overseas but return to the UK on termination of service.

    d. They are permanently assigned to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, the Isles of Scilly or the Channel Islands but return to the UK mainland on termination of service. Entitlement is restricted to conveyance to the nearest UK mainland port of entry.

    e. They are entitled to the move at sub-paragraph 07.0205c, but choose to settle other than in the UK. The cost of this move is to remain within the maximum cost of moving the PE to UK on termination of service. For the purposes of this rule, the notional cost of a move from the overseas duty station to Catterick Garrison will be used for comparison. DSCOM will base the costing on the actual volume of PE within entitlement that the individual moved to his last assignment/location overseas.

    f. They are occupying Service Families Accommodation (SFA) as a RWA with their family and move their accompanying immediate family to a Selected Place of Residence (SPR) as a result of a new assignment. Service personnel may move under the UK Removal System (UKRS) (see paragraph 07.0211a) and serve unaccompanied (UnAcc) at their new station. Expenses payable, however, will be limited to a maximum of the cost of an equivalent move by the MOD Contractor to SFA at the new duty station. This movement of PE is liable to tax.

    g. They move under the Final Tour of Duty regulations (see Section 4 of this Chapter). This movement of PE is liable to tax.

    h. They are required to relocate their immediate family due to an enforced mid-assignment move as detailed in Section 1 to this Chapter. This provision is directed primarily at Service personnel who are required by DHE, or equivalent, to move accommodation. This movement of PE is liable to tax. Service personnel are not entitled to a mid-assignment move of PE at public expense when Service transport can be made available to facilitate the move.

    i. They move under the Army Over 37 Provision (see Section 8 of this Chapter). This movement of PE is liable to tax. This liability will be met by MOD and paid by SPVA under PSA.

    j. They spend a period of leave in the UK between consecutive permanent assignments overseas (see Table 3 to Annex A of this Section).

    k. They are assigned to a seagoing unit and elect to move their PE to a SPR, or move from a SPR to a RWA. This movement of PE will be liable to tax if the SPR is within reasonable travelling distance of the previous RWA.

    l. They are assigned to a ship in build, 6 months or more before its official acceptance date, and move their PE direct to a RWA at the Base Port, or, alternatively, to a RWA at the building port (subject to an expectation of a further 6 months' service there from the date of the move of the Service person and/or their immediate family) and then on to the Base Port on completion of the build. If any of these moves are to a residence that is within reasonable travelling distance of the previous residence, the movement of PE will be liable to tax.

    m. They proceed on Loan Service, unless specifically authorised in their Loan Service Terms and Conditions of Service (LSTACOS).

    n. They are intended (who have set a marriage date) or newlywed spouses joining the Service person at their overseas duty station.

    o. They are intended (who have set a registration date) or newly registered civil partners joining the Service person at their overseas duty station.

    p. They are required to serve on temporary assignment for up to 182 days.

    So, Disturbance...NO. Removals....NO (unless you are from overseas and then only to the UK port). Should have used the Final Tour of Duty option.
  3. Well he could if he was reaching his 22 year point but as he has only served 9 years it was never an option!

    From JSP 752:

    They are serving on what is expected to be the final tour of duty of a commission or engagement, which qualifies for an immediate pension/Early Departure Payment (but not a gratuity)
  4. Elsie, does that mean I get a shed load of money for you and I to party with?

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  5. Many thanks for that, good to see that someone can obtain this information on short notice, been trying to get my unit clerks to do it for ages. much appreciated. Guess i best start saving to move all my kit.
  6. Elsie,

    Quite correct. I should have read the Q more carefully rather than rushing for POETS day!
  7. Ahhhh I still get nightmares about that bed :twisted:

    I thought you still had a few years in you yet old girl :D