Disturbance Allowance

Hi all, I'm hoping for a answer to a disturbance claim i have tried to make, my AGC CoC prefer the "Ways not to pay" approach.

I am currently renting a flat in Germany with my Fiance and due to move into married quarters after our wedding. Can I claim DA?

JSP 752 Chapter 7 Section 1 Ver 7 Para 07.0108 states the following;

Rates payable are for moves into:
a. SFA
b. SLA
c. Privately Owned Accomodation
d. Privately rented Accomodation - This rate is paid to service personnel who occupy privately rented Accomm and who are responsible for the rent.

However Chapter 07.0114(c) States:

Undertake a mid-assignment move for service reasons, as a result of a change of service accomodation entitlement, or for compassionate, welfare or medical reasons (Other than first set up of home) when authorised by JPAC pay and allowances casewrok cell (PACC)

So If i move from rent to rent I get it (I have in the past before this came in!)
My HR staff consider my case coming under the "first set up of home" catergory, is this true even though I set up my "Rented" home many years ago.

I'm not even allowed removels!

Pse advise.
I went through the same scenario when at MOD. Moved from rented pad to MQ and told no DA even although I had moved into rented flat whilst at that posting. Seems that both were first moves one when single and one when married! Anyway I digress...

As far as I am aware JSP 752 makes no mention for a get out the way I was fecked over. As far as I read it you have already setup home so should be entitled to DA. Where this may fall down is if you got DA for moving into the flat?

Hopefully LJS will be along in a minute to give us the text book answer. :wink:

Thanks Jock, To answer your Question mate, I have never received DA for any previous moves, ever!
MMS as far as I can see you have already had your first set up of home. As these rules are always open to interpretation I would ask your clerks to raise it up the chain and ask the question on your behalf.

I don't have the JSP to hand, so can't quote from it, but in my opinion you are not being ordered to move in writing and are not moving as a result of increase in family size, then you are moving of your own choice therefore no cash for you.

If you were posted / assigned then yes it's all yours. This would be classed as your first setting up of home as you are married, under the 'old money' rules you would have to be co-habiting for a minimum of 28 days and then you could claim it on a subsequent posting / assignment.

Yet again, the joys of wanting your own place and not living in the block backfire on you. It's a pads Army (if you are in a quarter), which suits me fine now :D , but I stand to be corrected.

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