disturbance allowance

Can anyone advise.

I'm a newish recruit (6 months) married with one son. Before joining up we lived (still do) in a rented property in Leeds. I've been posted to London and will be taking on a married quarter.

Some people say I should get some disurbance allowance others say because its the first time in an army house I get nothing. I keep getting different statements from the pay people!!
Double check with yer admin office, however I understand that the 'First Move' ruling is now out. Regardless you should be entitled to D.A. and Full move etc.
Think the first move rule is still in.

Where abouts in London you posted ?
Sorry no entitlement to DA on first setting up of home. JSP 752 refers.

thanks for the replies,

Grasping at straws I know, but its not our first home! we already have one in Leeds.

They (army) are paying for our removals
To clear up the confusion. They removed the claim for the first setting up of home for a mid-assignment move, not for a straight forward assignment. Either way you are not setting up your first home therefore YES you can claim. Stick it in on JPA up to 30 days before your move. If you get any probs PM me and I can give you chapter and verse.
As you are posted and it is not a Mid-Assignment move it appeaes that you are entitled.

First setting up of home appears to be exempt only for those on Mid-Assignment i.e. moving from block to SFA on marriage.

Get your clks to read Chap 7 of JSP 752.

What about some one who is in an MSQ and buys there own house and moves into mid tour or within his last 12 months of service any takers
Ted, you work in the place I'd ask for that one mate. That is if you are the same scooter Ted who went to watch The Beat with me the other night :)

Within last 12 months should be ok though. I've just moved into mine, at the same time of my posting and got the full entitlement. As you are about to leave and move anyway, you should be sorted.

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