Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by F9_Commit, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the average time it takes for Disturbance Allowance to hit your bank account? My claim was approved on JPA by our unit clerk on 27 Jun 07 and there is still no sign of the money hitting my account. I was told that it would take under a week with the implementation of JPA, however, this is obviously not the case.
  2. JPA will only pay it with your main pay. Yours will be paid at the end of July. That is what i was told by JPA when they messed mine up as i forgot to tick a box :?
  3. when you submit your Disturbance Allowance, it should take around 2 working days to hit your account, the delay maybe that your claim could be sat in the Allowance Checker's Workflow and they have not approved it yet.

    On another subject if you have a second bank account (slush fund)set up on JPA and you wish to have your expenses paid into it then you need to ensure that the HR admin has ticked the 'expenses' tick box on the second account, the HR Admin should know what this means.
  4. 27 Jun 07? mine went in on about 05 jun 07 and still not seen hide nor hair...
  5. I submitted my form in mid-June and it hit my bank account on the same day as my pay at the end of the month.

    It may be that yours will come with your July pay - mine came as an 'all in one'...
  6. I received my Disturbance Allowance with my main pay. An initial attempt at manual processing by my losing Unit didn't appear to work (no change there then) so I did it myself on JPA at my new Unit.

    Here's hoping the original claim doesn't materialise 6 months down the line - shortly followed by a visit from the auditing nazis!
  7. Submitted my DA claim via the clerk (no JPA for me) in May 2007 money in bank with rest of salary 30th June 2007.
    In fact I got 2 lots of DA but being the good chap that I am I have put the extra £990 aside ready to pay back, honest I have guv!
  8. You can pay it back via cheque to a HMG account (can't remember which one), if you are really honest/gullable you can speak to your HR Admin about it :wink: The is an Op Bulletin detailing who the cheque should be addressed to and what to put on the covering letter before posting it to JPAC (SPVA(G)).
  9. The 'pay run' for June was around the 10th, very early, hence why a claim submitted after that date isn't likely to be paid till July pay day.
  10. I have submiited my DA claim (start Jul), and am led to believe that it will go in to my account (whichever one, slush or main) with my main salary. (As it states in JSP 752?) DA is not like JPA expenses which get paid in about 72 hrs. Key to getting your DA is timing it so that you hit that month's pay run and also within the 30 days that you are due to move. No point getting DA after you have moved and moved in, otherwise ending up paying for cleaning materials/cleaner/re-direction/Sky re-connect/kids clothes out of your own pocket initially.

    Hope this helps, took a while to work it out myself under JPA, unlike old way.
  11. Not really about disturb allowence but Get u home pay!
    if u bought a house using Lsap, and want to claim get u home pay or what ever it's called these days, do u have to prove ur living there and in single accom with a bill for gas or something for the house? or does the fact that ur paying Lsap out ur wage proof enough to claim?
    Sorry for random question?
  12. I would still ask you to provide either a council tax or water rates bill before starting GYH or HDT.
  13. Your one of the clever ones, I know a lad who went on for months about getting paid double and then six months later when they took it all out his pay he whinged like hell after spending it all. They did help him ot on a payment plan afterwards though.
  14. After serving for over 24yrs I like to think so!!! :wink:
  15. Got another load of DA money with my pay this month too.... :roll: