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Disturbance allowance

Cheers BandT ,well i put mine in over two weeks ago and the clerk gave me the " Im not sure when it will go in, what with JPA in all" routine!!
So im hoping at the start of next month....what do you reckon???


Book Reviewer
JPA is a relatively unknown quantity in the Army, your clerk just doesn't know (not his fault). However even under the old system I got mine within 4 weeks of submission.


Book Reviewer
That's where you have let the side down. When mine asks about disturbance allowance I tell her not to worry as I have paid it.
Ha ha nice one!! I would of tried to conceal it better but as usual the "wives" got together and she knows more about it than me!!!........Oh i should of asked her ..she would probably know what time of day its going in!!!!
I was told yesterday by my admin office that through JPA isturbance allowance can only be claimed 30 days prior to your move date (note move date NOT LTA!).

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