Disturbance Allowance

They are !, Unfortunately I am now on (hard earned) leave after my 3 months of running a canteen in Shuibah/Umm Qasr so I am a bit rusty as to my proper job.

Luckily though I know the price of 200 Malboro lights is $15 to everyone but $20 if you are a Septic !
Are single soldiers entitled to this or not??
Yes, in certain circumstances single soldiers can claim disturbance allowance.  Speak to your friendly neighbourhood pay wallah who will explain the qualifying criteria.
He has explained it thusly.  If you are a single soldier moving into private accommodation you are entitled to a special rate.  As a single soldier moving between Garrisons at either end of this fair isle you cannot.  I have seen three distinctive rates for single soldiers, surprisingly enough a higher, lower and special rate as previously mentioned but none of our pay boffins can explain why.  If anyone can explain them pse PM me through ARRSE.Cheers....
Basically if you are moving from the block to the block then you get zilch.  If you own or rent your own home at your present duty station and you are buying or renting at your new duty station then you should get the Higher rate.

Moving from the block to your own home or vice versa then you should get the Basic rate.

Lower rate is for moves at the same duty station - I assume this is the special rate you were told about as it is only paid if the move is for service reasons.

Note - DA can usually only be claimed on posting, i.e you can't get posted to a unit, live in the block for 6 months and then decide to move out and claim DA.

This explanation is probably over simplifying it as I don't know your circumstances.  I am surprised that your pay staff don't know the rules! :eek:  Simple answer is if they don't know or are not sure then they should staff it up to SPS Branch at Bde.
Are single soldiers entitled to this or not??
Yes.. provided that you have set up your home at your own expense in the old location, served at least 3 yrs full time service and are expected to serve at least 6 months in the new station. Rates vary and so check with your Pay Office.
What about married unaccompanied - on the  over 37 pack?
There are so many variables here because you could be living in your own house, and hence you may not qualify for Disturbance Allowance. On the other hand if you moved into your own house on posting and moved back into a quarter on the next posting, then you would probably qualify.

I suggest you speak to the Pay Office.

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