Disturbance Allowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Scottish_Gaz, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone can give me a short and easy answer?

    Im married with a 6 month daughter, just completed phase 2 and i start my first unit in 2 weeks time, applied for a MQ.

    When i got to phase 2, i got £90 disturbance allowance as i wasnt married at the time, but i am now.

    Will i be entitled to DA?

    As we pretty much could do with every penny to help us with the move

  2. Yes
  3. Someone told me that i may not be eligible for this as its my first move into MQ? But i was told not to hold him to it so im now finding out myself for certain.

    Im going to ring up my Chielf Clerk on Mon as he helped me fill out my 1132's for the MQ but forgot to ask about the allowance before i left
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  4. <<Stands by for cheesers and witty answers>>

    That was easy. Anyone else?
  5. anyone elaberate on this please? we live in glasgow just now and i have my posting down south, so surely i should be entitled to the cash as i have to move my daughter from nursery, pay a few things and move my wife and daughter down south to start again in our MQ
  6. Kids have to be over the age of 3 IIRC.
  7. JSP 752 Chapter 7 Section 1 Para 07.0109 Sub-Para a refers:

    The child is 3 years of age or over and receiving full-time education at a day school (including nursery school or technical college)
  8. im not fussed about the £138 per child, its just the £1048 im interested in as i need it to help me with the move
  9. Have the rules changed? No allowances are (were ?) paid for the setting up of first marital home.
    The "DA" you were paid previously, was this actually duty travel to get you to where you were doing Ph 2 (it wasn't DA)?

  10. Make your mind up.

    You have already been told yes to DA, now what's your problem? Further more DA is probably the easiest thing to apply for through JPA.
  11. Quite correct. Just click the bit on JPA titled 'Disturbance Allowance' (the clue is in the title) within 45 days of moving and fill n the blanks. Hey presto - money in the bank.
  12. i'm a pay clerk in the navy and what we had to do for someone in similar circumstances to recover the 90 quid so that we could fudge the payment. in some ways it depends on your clerks not being ****!
  13. As far as I can tell, the rules haven't changed, so no, you are not entitled to disturbance allowance on moving into your first quarter. Unlucky sunshine, no free money for you ;)