Disturbance Allowance

Why are my comrades and I not allowed to claim disturbance allowance following a move from our accommodation into transit for a prolonged period due to a refurb? Is this covered in the JSP?
The stinking mingleys were allowed to claim DA at my unit, all did and got it paid no probs.

Edited to add, and that was from their normal accomodation to transit for refurb same as you.
Ycan claim disturbance allowance once in any 6 month period for any move, from room to room, block to block etc etc. You are being disturbed, and therfore entitled to an alowance.
Why don't you take a look at the JSP yourself and have a read, it's written in English, but has no pictures unfortunately. :D
Sounds like your being screwed over.... we have just moved from our mess into temp accom whilst it is refurbed and we have all been given disturbance allowance.
It comes under the mid-assignment move for service reasons ruling within the JSP. Don't know the particular part off by heart myself, but I presume it's going to be to do with the fact that you will be going back to your old room and you will be out of it for less than 6 months.
What's going on? I didn't think the "HR Triangle" offered help out of hours.

Check your PMs boys!
Apologies for having to drag this back up but I once again got fobbed off by our clerks, the same ones who attempted to screw me out of my LSA, took leave off my card when I had not taken it etc etc..

What JSP will I need to look at regarding Disturbance Allowance, I was recently forced to move rooms due to my neighbour being far too noisy, amazing isn't it. I was moved because he was the problem, anyway. I've had to move to another area in the block, am I entitled to this allowance. I was under the impression I was however I've been told otherwise by people who would argue that the colour blue is red.
Cheers, I'll be rooting through come Monday.
Put in for it on JPA and explain that JSP752 states XYZ and see what you get back,its worth a try at the end of the day if you are not eligible your HR manager on JPA will click no if rejected then request quote from JSP752 saying why its no to you,if still not happy move up the food chain in your UPO or whatever they are called in the army
The fiasco with my LSA was due to them simply clicking no on JPA rather than actually finding out the truth of the matter. I had to find out on here (once again) the JSP and quote it directly to them as they had "interpreted" what the JSP meant themselves rather than use it as it states. I'm not one to have a go at clerks, mainly because The_Snail will beat me :(

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