Disturbance allowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lawsom34, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. When can you claim it I believe it is 45 days but before when ? Date of removals or date of new assignment?
    I have tried to look on armynet jsp 752 but upon clicking on the link it takes me to jsp 768 :x :x
  2. assignment - i dont think jpa is that clever to know when your removals tip up
  3. The claim can be claimed 45 days before the actual move not the assignment date:

    JSP 754:

    07.0126. Method of Claim. Claims for DA may be submitted 45 days prior to the expected move date.

    07.0127. Method of Payment. The appropriate rate of DA and Child Element may be paid in advance of, but not more than 30 days prior to, a DA qualifying move. DA payments will be made via the Service person’s salary.

  4. does da get audited paywog?
  5. Needs to be authorised by HR

  6. Cheers for that
    According to my RAO the move date is the new assignment date not when I actually move :evil: :evil:
    Just seen you said JSP 754 and they were in JSP 752 off to check that
    Thanks again
  7. Been told qualifying move defines that my assignment date is the date to base it from and it is defined as below. (still can't see it though) :evil:

    JSP 752
    01.0243. Qualifying Move. A Service person must be ordered in writing to move
    to a new place of duty, or to proceed on leave pending a further assignment, and as a
    direct result of that order the requirements of the Service make it necessary for them
    and/or their family to move from a Residence at Work Address or Selected Place of
  8. It is the move of the soldier NOT the family that is the date of move. If you are still officially on strength at your old unit then they are correct in stating that the Assignment date is the correct date.

    However if you are on leave and not returning to your unit then your last day of work can be taken as the move date.
  9. Wrong, it is the date of the family move and always has been!

    sorry for the misquote should have said JSP 752!!

  10. We actually passed this question up to our SPS branch at Bde and that is what we have been directed to use as the date of move.
  11. Think they are referring to this:

    07.0114. Qualifying Moves. It is the move of the Service person, not the immediate family (unless bereaved or in the circumstances at paragraph 07.0115), which provides eligibility for DA.
  12. I spoke to a RAWO-old friend of mine about two months ago and she said that DA was under review and might change with effect 1 Aug - any pay gurus out there got any facts on this?

  13. I will do a bit more investigation into this - watch this space.

  14. was woundering if any 1 colud help i recently got married and moved into a married quarter.i went to my clerk and asked if i could claim disturbance allowance. there was a jsp that sed no and a DIN that sed yes it then went to my chief clark who wasnt sure so then went to brigade level and it came back to me that i was entitled to it so i claimed it now having spent it my original clerk (who loves saying money for the army) said hes done some digging and im not aloud it and it has to be paid back? i was told i could claim it so i clamed it its not my fault should i refuse to pay it back?
  15. Bde authorised it, therefore, I would assume that the Shiney Arrse is a little miffed that he/she was wrong!

    Unless the RAO/RAOWO come hunting for you fcuk them off!