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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. hello, i posted this on the army net website and was advised to put it on here as i would probably get more help:

    after being posted from Germany to the uk i was given a private hiring as there are very few MQ's where i am. On arrival however, the condition of the private hiring was far from ideal, but i was told by the nice people at countrywide mobility who are responsible for private hirings that it could take many weeks to source an alternative, in the meantime i could put my furniture into storage and stay elsewhere at my own cost!! I basically had to take the house with a wife and kids, but was told i could move after a minimum 6 months occupancy. after the 6 months was up, a field surveyor decided that such was the deteriorating condition of the house i could move immediately as it was becoming unhealthy to live there. however, the RAO decided that under no circumstances could i claim disturbance allowance so i was forced to foot the bill myself. Surely when i am moving because the accomodation is of such a poor standard it should be at the army's expense and ot mine, after all they (via countrywide mobility) sourced the house in the first place, and then decided it wasnt fit to live in? it wasnt cheap to move, and on top of all that they had the cheek to charge me full quarter charges (5.85 daily)for a house where the windows didnt even close!!
  2. This sounds like you were required to move (i.e. the house was unfit for occupation) for service reasons. As far as I am aware that mean you are entitled to disturbance allowance (and the removals service paid for as well). In these cases the 6 month rule (the minimum period of occupancy) is irrelevant.

    Have you politely explained all of the circumstances to your RAO? If you have and he/she is still not listening speak to someone in your chain of command (don't know what rank you are) and ask them to have a word.

    Ultimately, if none of this works (unless they prove to your satisfaction that you are not entitled), put in a formal redress and ask for the decision to be reviewed. Alternatively, you could write with full details to Soldier magazine, which is getting a bit like 'Watchdog' for soldiers these days - not necessarily a bad thing. Whichever course of action you decide, remember it is better to tread gently at first to avoid annoying people without good reason.

    Post back here or PM if you need more help, I can't stand clerks withholding allowances that you are entitled to. Remember they are meant to give you the money you are entitled to, not doing you a favour out ot the goodness of their hearts!
  3. hi doomsayer thanks for answering.

    I have a letter from the field agent stating the reasons why i moved, but the admin staff say that because i requested a move it would have to be at my own expense. It's not like i wanted to move because the curtains werent to my liking or anything. also since then, the unit has now got a regular feature on orders stating that if anyone wants to move it will always be at their own expense. I guess our situation is a little unique because there is no mod accom where we are apart from 10 mq's, so even the singlies have privately rented accom. its pretty much a lottery what state you will end up with.

    Also, i was told if i wanted to move to put in an official letter requesting permission, this still hasnt been answered even though i moved last july by directly contacting the dhe and sorting out a house. my new place is lowest grade accom but i still pay highest grade 7 months later as apparently i need to get the dhe to contact glasgow to alter my accom status, and of course the dhe dont do that so in the meantime the money they owe me is building up!! top admin office as you can see!!
  4. I would question this again - you requested a move because the accommodation was not fit for purpose, that is not the same as choosing to move. Don't let them fob you off!

    This sounds rather unusual to me - what are the grounds given for justifying that everyone must pay for their own moves?

    Is there no-one in your chain of command who can help you with this? Is it just one clerk in particular (if so try going to the FSA/RAOWO etc)?

    Either post back here if you have more questions or I would suggest that you decide whether you want to follow one of the options in my earlier post.
  5. i would need to check the reasons given on orders, which i will do later. the admin office is a law unto itself, it is situated about 3 miles away from the people who use it, so they don't get the usual traffic of visitors that a normal admin office does.We dont wear uniform but are expected to go there in smart casual(collar, creases in trousers etc) and if you dont follow this you have to parade on sat mornings regardless of rank. You are not allowed to directly question any pay problems, (for instance the large amount of backpay owed to us all at this place, £1600 personally) as it is not their problem glasgow is dealing with it!
    I asked about disturbance allowance expecting to receive at least the lower amount to help with costs and was given a point blank no, not because of the house, not because we had a 2nd baby born then which a decent pay office would have used as justification, all because i asked to move and they didnt tell me to move.
    If we have any questions about the way our admin is dealt with, we have to go to our equivalent of a csm and fill out a form which is vetted there and then faxed to the rao, but wether you get a reply or not is random(see my permission to exchange quarters letter!)
  6. Your case seems to be relatively straightforward to me, you have presumably received Disturbance allowance at the basic rate for your move back to the UK, if your new MQ/Hiring is then classed as unfit, provided you get a certificate from the UWO certyfying that your move is for service reasons (service reasons can be; increase in family(yes, really!), MQ being updated/decorated, unfit for habitation or many other reasons), the 6 month rule as others have pointed out is not relevant. (Even if it was, on return to the UK from Germany it is only 3 months.) Anyway back to the subject matter, you are entitled to Disturbance Allowance at the lower rate, provided it can be classed as for service reasons and if what you say is true, I think it is. The details are in RAAC Chapter 9 exact para I don't know off the top of my head but can find out if you need it.

  7. As for the full whack charges on the rent - the System thinks that all civvies who rent out houses keep them in tip top condition hence the charge. Mine wasn't so I got it inspoected by the DHE against a JSP rating ( forgotten the number) and it went from Grade 1 ( full whack) to the lowest grade. Getting the cash difference back took some time, until i asked for help from the federation of forces families ( the old Army Families association thingy) and then wheels moved and the payback was rather swift.

    Best of luck.
  8. quick update: went to the rao with all the info above ready for some confrontation, and found a new rao posted in who said there was no problem with me getting it. result, 3 weeks later £450 richer, thanks ma'am! if only the nobber before her could have done that 7 months ago.....
  9. Whitemouse,

    I'm astonished that your first RAO couldn't sort this out. Disturbance Allowance is one of the most easily understandable allowances in RAAC! :D

    Good to see you got your dosh!
  10. cheers matey!! i dont know what his problem was but glad he's gone!! never even met him either which made it worse, just fobbed off over the phone! still, it's come right in time to invest in next years' season tickets
  11. Glad that you found Arrse of some use. Now tell all your mates that it is a good place for advice, chat and a bit of fun. Just make sure that we don't get all the whingers! :lol:
  12. sadly doomsayer i'm stuck back in phase 2 training so thats all there is, whingers and mentally weak people!!