Disturbance allowance with children..?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gemsipot, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I have been told i can apply for a married quaters DA as i have been offered a house ( i have kids ) me and my fella arnt married so thats getting sorted ha ha..!

    how much do you get and they lady asked if i had kids and yes i have 3 , two of which are at school...! you aparently get money for that too..?

    i cant find any ammounts anywhere and the JPA ladees didnt know lol lol any one on here know how much you get for the move and per kid that moves school..?

    PS is it me or is Bordon the armpit of the universe lol they have given me a house in Church cookham thank god..!
  2. You don't get Disturbance Allowance for your initial move.
  3. i put one in and it's been approved...?
  4. Gemsipot,

    You can receive Dist Allce for an initial move, but it must be on Assignment. I take it you are serving? If you are just being allocated a house at your duty station, you would not be entitled, but depends how long you have been at Bordon. Is it Phase 2 trg? If so, you may be bale to claim if it is withni 6 months of moving to Phase 2. As for kids, you get it if they are over 3 and in full time education/nursery. The rate is £1048 for moving into a quarter, plus £138 for each eligible child. Key is whether you are being assigned (posted)...give me more info and I cna give yo ua more definitive answer.
  5. Good commute! I start that one in Feb!
  6. if not married or pstat 3 then its the single rate
  7. thanks for the info !!!! see what happens i put it on JPA as advised by the JPA dude lol and it's been approved now and they said it should go in my wages this month..! humm we'll see then i'll let you know the score..!

  8. lol yeah that little town Market Street..? is not the best place to try and get through at peak times :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: ..! but it's better than a 5/6 hour trip home to lancashire every weekend to get home to my kids and fella lol lol lol