Disturbance Allowance - Should singlies qualify

What do you think to this lads and lassies.

Part of the pads allowance is to cover bills on posting.
Singlies nowadays have phonelines into their rooms for internet etc, Should we be entitled to a set amount of disturbance allowance in light of this to name one.

Bear in mind the Z type rooms we're supposedly getting have this.
Singlies who live in their own or rented accommodation,  and buy or rent another on posting can claim Disturbance Allowance.

Doesn't matter if Z type accommodation has phone lines - no part of Disturbance Allowance covers phones!


As far as I remember rightly, there is an element in Disturbance Allowance to cover the cost of Utilities Bills, be they Gas, Electricity or phone.  Surely it can't all be for curtains, unless of course your new house is a greenhouse !!

As I am due to be posted in 18 months and will qualify for the first time ever they are bound to change it no doubt  :-[
Sorry, bad grammar on my part - I meant to say phone bills.  Disturbance allowance does indeed compensate for the cost of telephone connection.  My point was that if Z type accommodation already has phones connected (I'll believe that when I see it) then there wouldn't be a cost to the soldier other than the cost of calls.

If you're interested, the RAAC (Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges) defines Disturbance Allowance as a non-taxable, compensatory allowance which covers the "majority of costs" incurred when moving home.  It then goes on to define "some" of these costs i.e.-

Telephone Connection
TV Licence
Membership of Clubs
Mail Re-direction
Food in Freezer
1 nights hotel expenses
School Uniform

This list is not exhaustive however it gives you some idea of what the allowance is for.

Hope this helps.
Soldier Why,
As you have laid down some of the non exhaustive list, consider this. Some of those are relevant to singlies in barrack blocks. So shouldn't they have a recompense the same way as PADS do.

Also what daylightshrubbery has stated is also true. As far as I can remember there is a portion of the allowance designed for utilities, as is it not illegal for a quarter resident to leave outstanding bills at a quarter address once moved to another which could effect the original quarters new occupants.
Phone being a utility.

As for the overnight hotel stay, what about the singlie who is moving posts he doesn't get this benefit. True distance between some postings this isn't required but I'm sure there is a fair few where distance would facilitate this. Anyway regardless of this I'm positive this can be claimed back upon arrival at new unit in both a PAD or singlie case.
Z accn is likely to have internet, TV, phone etc already plumbed in and you just pay a service charge for usage - so no need for disturbance allowance to cover this for living in soldiers. For example, Project Allenby (SPTA area) and Connaught (Aldershot area) will provide this.

Single servicemen/women can claim disturbance allowance (DA) provided they have set up home at their own expense (ie. living out), and have 3 yrs full time service. Furthermore all claimants must be expected to to do at least 6 months service in the new duty station.

A single soldier who lives in does not spend a night between moves as he/she can move straight into service accn. If not, then they should be able to claim NRSA.

Hope this helps.
Both pads and singlies are entitled to 2 nights NRSA between postings - the 1 night in DA is extra.  Therefore someone who is entitled to DA can have 3 nights NRSA.

Have had another look at the RAAC and can't find anything which covers utilities bills, as far as I am aware the homeowner (who has taken out a contract with the supplier) is liable for all charges.  If a quarter is empty between occupants then DHE pays the utilities bills for this period.

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