Disturbance allowance question

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tubbyboy, May 19, 2009.

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  1. I may be being thick but I just wanted to check this for a friend (no, really).

    A mate of mine is living in SLA and receiving GYH as they own a house about a hundred miles away.

    They are being posted to a unit round the corner from their house so they intend to live there.

    I reckon that they should be able to claim DA at the Privately Owned rate.

    Am I correct or does the GYH mess things up? As far as I know their RWA is the SLA in camp.

    Many thanks,

  2. The GYH is for them to maintain a privately owned property so they will be unable to claim DA to a property they have been receiving an allowance for, as they were returning to that property for standown and leave periods. Effectively living there if it were not for the needs of service life.
  3. Thanks, I suspected that might be the case.

    I still can't see it in JSP 752 though!

  4. Here you go mate!

    07.0106. Non-Qualifying Moves. The following moves are ineligible for DA:

    b. Where Service personnel return from an assignment where they occupied public accommodation to a property that they previously lived in and continued to maintain during their absence (eg those returning from SSSA to a home that has been continually occupied by their family, or single personnel returning to privately owned or rented property that has not been let).
  5. The answer is move into SLA and let the house out. Thereby receiving the private accomodation rate of DA and removals. When it comes to being posted move back into the house and claim it all again.

    For winners.

    (now i'm going to get spanked by sluggy for daring to post on the RHQ forum).
  6. Elsie is in charge of spanking today, you're lucky :p

    However, if he lets the house out, he won't be able to claim GYH(M), so you're not that clever.......
  7. Shame, you spank so well!

    But he only lives round the corner when he is posted so would he get anything anyway?
  8. If he moves into SLA he gets the grand sum of £90 and NO removals!

    And I only spank on Thursdays :twisted: