Disturbance Allowance Query

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ankle_Biter, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. I'm hoping somebody can help me with this? As everyone I speak to appears to interpret JSP 752 differently.

    A Single soldier lives with his girlfriend in a privately rented flat and receives a permanent assignment order, he intends to privately rent again with his girlfriend at his new duty station.

    1. Is the soldier entitled to claim Disturbance allowance?
    2. If So at what Rate?
    3. Is the Soldier entitled to removal service?
  2. I do not believe there is any entitlement to DA as a single soldier living out with his girlfriend.
    The soldier will be ebtitled to move his personal and military kit via the QMs but any household items he may have either need to be sold on or moved at personal expense.
  3. 1. Yes, it's a Qualifying Move.
    2. SFA or Privately Owned or Rented Accommodation rates.
    3. Yes, see 07.0213 in the JSP.

    It's pretty clear cut. I have been doing it this way for years, I find the threat of a Service Complaint normally makes people stop discriminating against us singlies :money:
  4. It's your money, isn't it?
  5. Not my money unfortunately ;-( just the stock shit answer I got when in Cyprus 3 years ago on receiving an AO back to Blighty.