Disturbance Allowance / Quarter prices

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by plant_op_till_i_die, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. I am led to beleive from my local AGC pay Sgt that the Army are trying to scrap disturbance allowance!!!! Is this true, if so, WHY!!!

    Also there are big rumours from the DHE areas that the army are looking at introducing mortgage rate charges for married quarters, ie we will pay the equivalent areas average mortgage price for our quarters rather than the lower rate we pay now. Once again is this true?
  2. Hook, Line and Sinker!!!!
  3. Now just a sec, Paywog! :)

    Firstly, there are no plans to 'scrap Disturbance Allowance' - there's enough angst caused (rightly) about this without throwing extra fuel on the fire. Besides, all our grown-up Lords and Masters rely on this to keep their fragrant wives and multiplitous brood in the manner to which they have become accustomed (see also CEA!).

    However, it is more or less an open secret that MQ charges are set to rise year-on-year to bring them broadly into line with civvy practice. It was all part of the deal to get rid of the massive Army Housing Estate (good) by selling it off ridiculously cheaply to shifty Japanese property developers (bad). They need to make (even more) money from the deal, so......

    At least you can take some shred of comfort in the fact that F&L charges are also rising, so you probably won't even notice the slowly - but inexorably - expanding hole in your pay packet each month....

    Good 'ere innit? :D
  4. i heard the qtr charges were being brought into line with civilian equivalents to help us cope better with civvy life when we get out. the day i have to pay £700 a month to live in a magnolia shoebox with a 20yr old mfi kitchen is the day they can take my MOD90 back.

    incidentally, what are the rules concerning the child element of disturbance allowance, how old does the child need to be?
  5. Disturbance allowance: the Treasury are always trying to cut every allowance, but I have not heard of any new developments.

    Married Quarters: it is open knowledge that the prices for accommodation are going to be raised over the next 3-4 years to local market rates as the Treasury again see the current rate as an unfair subsidy. Quite who it is unfair for I have yet to discover.

    Stag on.

    and I type too slowly during conference calls!
  6. Disturbance Allowance is paid to compensate for minor forms of expenditure incurred when relocating for Service reasons. Having set up a home at their own expense, married claimants must be moving on an official posting/appointment and the new residence must be one to which they are entitled to move at public expense.

    There is an additional child element which is paid for each child over the age of 4 years who is in full-time education and who will be changing school.

    Always check in with your local RAO people, as you could be entitled to various bits and pieces.

    Hope this helps.
  7. can you claim disturbance allowance for moving from your own house to a new (last) posting????

    37+ package will be in place & commuting at the weekends back home.

    thanks in advance.
  8. The last AFPRB report mentions this in great detail:

    I have never been able to find out what the AFPRB considers to be "an appropriate discount". If it is a 50% discount, it might continue to compensate for the disadvantages of service life. However, if it is only a 10% discount service life begins to look a distinctly poorer deal...

    I suspect that the MOD will treat this in the same way the treasury treats the fuel tax escalator, i.e. keep increasing it every year until too many people vote with their feet.
  9. I got one of those movement survey thingies the other day and after filling it all out, I realised I had moved 12 times in 8 years. Feck!
  10. the difference between being civpop and being military is that civvies get a choice where they work, and their choice is partly based on cost of living and facilities. we don't! i don't know many civvies who would choose to live in a dogsh!t quarter where the only local amenities were a SPARse shop. i doubt the lackeys at the AFPRB will raise pay rates accordingly so we will undoubtedly be worse off. no great surprise there then!
  11. If the prices do rise that dramatically, how are most servicemen going to live. Most servicemen live to what they earn ie they get expensive cars as they will still have money left to spend out of there wage or they have loans or even mortgages etc. If we start paying 500, 600 or even 700 pound a month, will our wage rise by that amount to compensate for the fact we will have no money?

    Some Pte's only earn 800 pound a month so if they are paying 700 pund a month for the quarter how do they feed themselves?
  12. I had this exact same conversation earlier this evening with some bigwig or other, and we just looked helplessly at one another and started talking about something else completely!

    The short (and smarmy) answer is that we would expect pay to increase to cover the cost of living in MQs. Yeah right - we all know how that one goes...

    However we also know that a long-term aim of the MoD is to get as many people out of MQs and into their own homes in and around 'super garrisons.' The thinking is that people will be happier as - theoretically speaking - soldiers will be based in more or less the same area for longer periods, and kids can go to local schools etc etc.

    You can see how the savings from unclaimed CEA etc will just pile up, presumably to fund more Domes/armoured cars/76 holidays for MPs and so on and so forth...
  13. So with the MOD's long term aim to get us in our own houses, are they going to provide the deposit, legal fees etc when we move house every 3 to 4 years? Or is this a sneaky way to make all squaddies property magnates with maybe 8 or 9 houses on their books?!?!?!!

    This long term aim is more rubbish from people who never move and earn enought to buy thier own house?
  14. Guys,

    You are being shafted. I left the Army this year after doing 22 yrs and i know work for the Foreign & Commonweath Office ( civil servant) overseas.

    I pay no accomodation charges i dont pay for any of my utilities and im not taxed on any of my overseas allowances approx £17000.

    This allowes me to rent out my house and get someone else to pay the mortgage.

    If the Army consisdered doing this for people overseas may be more guys would buy there own properties in the UK.
  15. Unlikely eh? It's good that LSAP is now open to younger soldiers, however 10 years ago when most of us were too young to get it, it was a sizeable chunk of the cost of a house. Now it's not even the deposit on an average mortgage. Let's blame Thatcher - I've not seen her name on ARRSE for nearly a week now.

    (another allowance which has remained constant for over 10 years is the resettlement grant thingy of £534. lucky if that will pay for a one day seminar these days - but that's a matter for another forum. Sorry!) :wink: